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Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group

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I believe there is much good with CDC/THC. The medical field should learn and keep an open mind. Bottom line enough is not being done with people with pain and or I feel to help listen be Compassionate and even make us oable to operate if possible.

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The osteopath I see for manual manipulation to try to ease the pain from small fiber and large fiber neuropathy, a very, very arthritic spine, and scoliosis suggested that I apply for a medical marijuana card. He's in the process of helping me complete my application.

I know very little about medical marijuana but I know that because it is still NOT legal by the Federal government, NIH and others may not do research on the value of it in the treatment of various diseases. I went to a presentation by a highly regarded internist in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and he mentioned that there were a few areas where the use of medical marijuana had shown some promise, one of which was PN. I spoke with him afterward and he thought i would be a good candidate. In my state it is legal and you first need to apply for an identification card (which verifies that you are a resident of state). Once that is in hand you can go to a dispensary to get marijuana in different forms and be guided by those in the dispensary. Or, as I prefer, go to a doctor who has been registered to prescribe medical marijuana. You pay a fee, they do a brief history and physical and guide you on what to take and I believe follow your progress. i am awaiting my id. so am just beginning the process but will be happy to share my experience.

To move forward on research, Federal legalization is necessary. Never thought I would be an advocate but my mind is certainly open to that possibility.