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Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group

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@cocodab I just read your post. I am feeling fortunate that my pain management program suggests the use of marihuana and obtaining my medical marijuana card. I have done this and use sublingual CBD/THC. I continue with percocet. The CBD without THC helps with my extreme anxiety which adds to my pain.

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Hello, you mention that you remain on Percocet with cbd/thc. I'm trying to find a proper dosing of CBD dominant and THC dominant oils that take care of my intensely growing and debilitating pain. Although I'm still experimenting and won't give up hope quite yet, my body and track record prove that Im not your average case…as confirmed by the dispensary pharmacist. My fear is over medication. I have not been able to reduce my hydrocodone intake for pain despite adding the medical marijuana or lidocaine infusions or myofascial release or 50,000 supplements or heat or ice or rest or Lyrica or Duloxetine. My neuropathy continues to progress. I continue to be fooled by the thought that this new way of living is temporary, will be fixed or helped with B12 or any of the above mentioned. Mind you it all plays a collective role but not enough, bottom line. I've really tried hard to understate my pain and circumstance in hopes of slowing progression by simply being optimistic. I have rolled with each punch thinking it will stop, it will slow, it will improve…I'm not as bad as I think. I've compared myself to many others which is never a good thing to do because I set myself up for disappointment and frustration when I hear someone could do something I can't like work, drive, walk, exercise, stretch. I feel like the life is slowly getting sucked out of me. I'm becomming housebound and reclusive due to pain and honestly am baffled, dumbfounded, befuddled at my physical being and how my once active, able and willing life has made this turn. I've held it back but I'm saying it now…I'm scared. I was scared 2 years ago, I was scared a year ago and I'm more scared now after feeling what 3 years has done to my body. I will turn 50 in March and honestly will accept that age easily as it is the least of my worries. Thanks for listening.