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Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group

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I was going to try gummies but found out and going to ask on my Friday’s appointment in detail about this too. When I did try and it was found in my urine I was told I am not allowed too do any weed.
So I was confused and quick answer over phone was is if I’m on Percocet then and can’t be or have marijuana in urine or can’t they will stop my Percocet Prescription
I’m not at a point where I can pick weed when it’s not
Given to me through my doctor and I really don’t know much about it.
Wish they would embrace it more study it and help people that might need it.
So is it Kaiser??? Or federal or because I’m over 60 and they are afraid I’m going to fall. Who knows.

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@cocodab I just read your post. I am feeling fortunate that my pain management program suggests the use of marihuana and obtaining my medical marijuana card. I have done this and use sublingual CBD/THC. I continue with percocet. The CBD without THC helps with my extreme anxiety which adds to my pain.

A year or two ago my PCP told me that if he learned that I was using any cannabis product he would stop prescribing morphine sulfate contin, Klonopin and Percocet. That pretty much ended any consideration of medical marijuana and CBD oil and all of the things so many people have found very helpful. My pain specialist told me that he would prescribe medical marijuana if the group he's with would permit it, but they set a policy that prevents it. So, even though Oregon legalized cannabis, very few doctors are willing to write a medical marijuana permit. The only one that I know of is a partner with many dispensaries and runs a circuit of towns, and is in my town once a month. He's got a pretty slick thing going.