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It comes and goes and that is simply the nature of the disease. My recipe is, digestive enzymes so that my pancreas does not have to work so hard when I eat as that is on of it;s primary functions. I also try to keep my diet simple and as soft as possible, again to rest my pancreas. I take my anti-oxidants to try to minimize the inflammation, but that is all it will do. The endoscopist who placed a stent in my primary drainage duct last month – the 6th or 7th time – said the remainder of my pancreas is “shot” or riddled with calcium deposits which limit its functionality and means that I am not like to ever have long bouts of being pain free. He will remove this stent in about 4 1/2 mos. as they can not be left indefinitely without causing more harm. He also does not think they should be giving me any relief as there is no “clogging” of my pancreatic duct. The last option at this point is to have it removed and based on conversations I have had with people who have taken this step, I don’t think I will ever consent to have that done. One hope we have is that Big Pharma is making advances toward an artificial pancreas and that holds more promise for me than removal or transplantation based on what I know today.

I would have to guess, and remember I am not a doctor, that the antibiotics are because the believe there is an infection somewhere or they are attempting to prevent that possibility.

You both have my prayers. I know how difficult being caretaker is for my beautiful wife, so do not forget to take care of yourself, so that you will be able to support him.


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@gman007, Thank you for your contributions to this discussion. You are teaching me a lot about this topic. My only experience with pancreatitis was with my husband’s recent episode and surgery. I commend you for working closely with your GI in your treatment. I admire your positive outlook.
I also am looking forward to many new medical advances that are in our future.
You are indeed fortunate to have your lovely wife to take care of you. And she is equally fortunate to have you as such a gracious and appreciative receiver.
Hugs and Prayers to both of you.

@gman007 I’m interested in your story in that I see in a previous post that you had a neuroendocrine tumor removed – is that correct? I have had 3 NETs removed from the duodenal bulb, so I’m interested in other NET folks. Have you had any recurrences? Also, you mentioned taking anti-oxidants – would you mind sharing what you specifically take? Teresa

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