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@tnabs2008, Welcome to Connect. my husband had a real painful episode of pancreatitis in October. It was painful for him and frightening for both of us.
How is your husband doing?

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Hi Rosemary
He is not doing well. This is his 3x coming back to the hospital. He is not tolerating the tube feedings very well. It’s really frustrating. He will eventually will have to have his gallbladder out. They think that might be the cause. But his pancreatitis is so inflamed they can’t do it right now.

@tnabs2008, Ohh your poor dear husband. I know that you, too, are in misery with him.
My husband had never had any symptoms before his intense pain He was admitted to hospital. And his pancreas was too inflamed for surgery, too. It took 5 days after admission to get it to the safe level where they could remove gall bladder. He was not on a feeding tube, but was on IV fluids. When the inflammation began to diminish, they wanted him to try to eat. He tried broth and jello, but could not keep them down. He had laparoscopic procedure.
I hope that this gives you some comfort and hope. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Rosemary
How did they get the inflammation down. They can’t seem to get it down.

I was hospitalized three times in 2006 with acute pancreatitis attacks. I was eventually diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and have had more than a dozen endoscopic procedures to try to relieve my pain and eventually had a Distal Pancreatectomy ( the tail end removed ) as a result of an endocrine tumor. It was benign, thank God, but left me with too few insulin producing cells and I am now and insulin dependent diabetic. One thing I read in the hours of research I do in an average week was that many gastroenterologists were treating the pain, but also treating the inflammation with heavy doses of antioxidants. I now take an anti-oxidant formula supplement and turmeric and my pain level has been lowered significantly. I am not a doctor, and probably not even a qualified “quack”, but from an anecdotal perspective, it has seemed to help me. Of course inflammation either accompanies or is responsible for much of the pain we experience.

Godspeed, Gary

@tnabs2008, He was given antibiotics thru IV. I do not know what they were. He was started on the antibiotics on Fri evening, and continued until Wed morning. Surgery Wed afternoon.
At some point, he had been given a scan to see if there were any gallstones in there, but they said they had already passed and were not lodged in there. . After the laparoscopic surgery, his improvement was very encouraging.
What are the doctors telling you about the inflammation at this point??

Thanks Gary for your feed back. I am going to talk to the drs about the antioxidants.

@tnabs2008, Is your husband making any progress? What are his doctors saying?
Sending continued thoughts and prayers to the both of you,