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Living with early menopause - let's chat

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Susan, I had an extremely difficult time dealing with the fact that I most likely would not get pregnant. This i found out at age 25 Got the hysterectomy at 35. But was able to adopt 2 children 2 years apart. That was in the early 70’s. I am now in my early 70’s and remember it like it was yesterday.
Give yourself time to adjust to yourself and your new you because every day is a gift. Be goofy to yourself and you are right about drinking a lot of water for so many reasons.
You still have a chance that you might get pregnant ? I got pregnant twice for 2 months each, and the Doctor said I would never be able to carry a baby I had a problem with my uterus, it was divided in half. Lucky me, if there was something weird to be it would happen to me. I was so miserable I don’t know how my husband put up with it.
Today when I see a pregnant woman I still get a little sad, but I learned that things happen for a reason. I have 2 great kids on their 40’s now and 3 grandchildren.
What are your plans for the future? Do you work, travel, read, volunteer, work out? Or are you not there yet?
Keep busy. Have something to look forward to each day. Even if it is a cup of tea or a soap opera.
I am happy that you seem to be adjusting to your new position in life because you are worth it.
Please tell me more about your self. Even if I am old enough to be your mother, my grandkids think I am so much fun and silly and I don’t care what anyone else thinks as long as I am happy.
The best to you.
Marie (marield65)

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Susan, I meant to say be good to your self, not goofy. Maybe being goofy isn’t such a bad thing either. But sorry for that mistake.

Hi Marie!!

Thank you for the support!! I think it’s important to be goofy and good to yourself:) I have taken a break from the rat race of life this year to “reset” and “re-balance” my life. Actually, it’s been nice!! I don’t really know if I want to jump back into the rat race again. My therapy is gardening, being outside, and walks with my husband. I keep myself active and do lots of yoga to keep myself physically and mentally healthy. The healthy eating follows with that lifestyle. I usually am travelling for leisure quite a bit…but have taken a break from that this year to devote my time to house projects and making our home….our home.

It’s really nice to have the support from someone who has lived this life. I love my friends…but they’re all in “Mom” mode right now and can only provide so much support. Then the ones that don’t know about my condition have dropped the comment…”It must be nice not having kids.” The sucker punch they don’t realize that their giving. I haven’t found the courage to tell some of them yet…but also don’t want to say it resentfully.

I do feel stronger this year. I agree – I do believe things happen for a reason. I don’t fully understand why this has happened in our life…but have faith that there is a reason for it and one day will understand. I don’t know what lies ahead of us…but am hopefully. My husband and I have been blessed many times over, and we choose to keep our focus on those blessings!

Thank you again for your support! Much appreciated.


Susan you sound like such a sweet and loving person. Yes,things happen for a reason. You will see as you go more of the light than right now. You may never understand “why you ” but if you go along and accept each day as a gift, and do try to enjoy each day and your husband you will grow and become more you.
May I ask your age? You seem very mature . I will be talking more to you as I am going out right now. You are a lovely person.

Thank you Marie!! Great advice! I’m 38…and living and learning. I have collected quotes through the years….the one sitting in front of me states: “There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who carry balloons….and those who carry pins.” Thank you for carrying a balloon!!

Susan you just sent a balloon my way and I love it. It is my favorite color “red ” and means bright and bold. I am a very young 71 and after what I went through in April, every day is a gift. I had a knee replacement and was allergic to the pain med DiLaudid and went into a coma for 4 days. They didn’t know how long it would take for me to come out of it and told my husband it could be weeks. But I came out of it. Scared of everything, but everyday got better and since then I am happy. For so many things.
So, lt may not be easy every day, but no one is going to burst my balloon. Thank you for it.

Wow!! What a scary incident!! Welcome back! How is your knee doing? Is it moving at full capacity? My mother-in-law had her knee replaced in April too. It’s been a slow recovery for her. Unfortunately, she still has pain…just a different type of pain. Wishing a good day today!!

Hi Susan, Marie here. You asked about my knee replacement. Some days I forget I had it done, and then when the barometric pressure drops I feel it bad. Today it hurt quite a bit and I iced and massaged it because it still swells. It is getting better and we have to remember that it was a big surgery. People say it is worse than having a hip replacement. But it is moving very well, not full capacity yet but I go to the pool at my gym a few times a week and I work it out but I think I should give it a rest because it is sore. You never know how much to push yourself until it hurts. Wish your mother good luck from me. And my balloon lost some air but I’m going to pump it up. Let me know how you are doing and your mom.