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Hi Tab, welcome to Connect.
I’d like to introduce you to a few other members who are talking about CIDP (chronic inflammatory demylenating polyneuropathy). Please meet @bburleson1 @dlcutler @gratefulone @jazzy27 @lindy1956 and @suziep. You can read more about them in this discussion

– Anyone been diagnosed with CIDP? http://mayocl.in/2m6rsMw

@dlcutler mentions that he has also tried glebogamma and may be able to share his experiences with the infusion. I can imagine you’re nervous to start another drug. What measures will the care team take to monitor you after treatment in case you have a reaction again?

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Hi Colleen,
Thank you for you reply! No one has talked about any measures for monitoring my infusion. My rheumatologist gave me an epi pen. I am calling the neurologist to talk in more detail about having orders in place in case i have a reaction.

I was just diagnosed with CIDP after 7 years of bizarre symptoms and neuropathy.
I also have broken my same foot 3 times in a year and have had 6-7 surgeries, by just walking.
Can this be related to my CIDP?
Starting IVIG treatment next week, hoping it will help.