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What were your wife’s deficits? Was her tumor removed or inoperable? Doctors say this type of tut can be maintained for decades! Please share any facts you may know !

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Hi @user_chea8a92a Let me begin by saying we learned very early on the fact brain cancer is highly individualized. Each patient is unique as is their body chemistry, brain make up (my wife was left-handed and that made significant differences for her than if she had been right-handed, etc. I say this as a prelude to explaining her experiences since they were hers. Also I am not medically trained in any way so these are just observations, what she experienced, and what we were told.

Her initial deficits were having auditory, olfactory, and vision hallucinations followed by severe headaches.

In my wife’s case she chose to have a stereotactic biopsy, which resulted in a hemorrhage. This hemorrhage caused many deficits, but due to it she also had emergency surgery and had much of her tumor resected at that time. She overcame almost all of her deficits thanks to her OT and PT work. Those that remained were left-side deficits in vision, hearing, and awareness.

In my wife’s case her tumor was very, very slow growing for many years.

What she dealt with was unique to her and not all what one might call ‘average’.

Peace & Strength