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Anybody have an ogliodendroglioma?? If so could use some support!

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Hello @user_chea8a92a Nice to e-meet you here. I am Scott and my wife was diagnosed with an ogliodendroglioma when she was 49. While I don’t have the tumor, I am willing to share whatever I learned from her during her illness with it. I realize brain tumors are highly unique in how they effect individuals, but feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will share what I know from our shared experiences.

Peace & Strength

I was diagnosed with AO3 (anaplastic oligodendroglioma grade 3) in Jan. 2015. In Jan. 2017 I had a Gamma Knife radiosurgery. I’ve been on Decadron for the last couple months to manage the effects. I am now down to 2 mg; due for another MRI in the next several weeks.

Glad to share or help if I can. Are you looking for specifics?


Wow it’s so nice to hear from someone with an ogliodendroglioma! Mine is in my left frontal lobe- wrapped around my motor skill area! I had a biopsy did one year of chemo which I finished last April – tumor shrunk 5o%! I have no deficits and MRI’s are stable but I just never know what to expect!

My wife’s was diffusely infused in her right frontal cortex.

Hi…what "effects" did you experience? Thanks! I have a family member going under the gamma knife next week in Rochester.