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Thank you both for your input and encouragement. I’m very proud of the father and child. If I suggest something, I want to know it’s best for the father and the child.

In this small California town, how do I tell my colleague that his child’s doctor information is confidential? The father risks alienation by his coworkers if they find out his child is transitioning. Does anyone suggest what he and his child can do for help and/or support groups? “I Am Jazz” has really helped his child; too bad Jazz’s parents don’t have a TV show or a book to help my friend.

Where does the father go to get his child transgender medical care? I’ve read about insurance requiring psych “review” for pre-authorization. Then, the patient bounces from different doctors, different clinics and multiple hospitals. Is there 1 place where the child can get most of the transition care? Last thing I want to do is recommend another country to get more than hormones.

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@tallpitchersf, your friend is very fortunate knowing that he can confide in you. I have no idea how to answer your question but I do offer my support. Frankly I am surprised that this is California. California is always considered to be such a liberal state. New England tends to be very progressive because of the number of universities here. The young students are more accepting of people than many older people.