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Esophageal cancer....transitioning to food

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My husband was stage 4 with a 12cm tumor in his esophagus and signs of malignancy in 4 surrounding lyph nodes. He didn't have surgery only chemo -- the tumor is now gone and he was declared in complete remission. He is eating almost everything in sight and gaining weight but it took approx. 9 months after diagnosis to get to this point. Everyone is different. It's a struggle in the beginning but in the end my husband said it was worth it. Soft foods, protein, many small meals over the course of the day -- ice cream?? (my husband's favorite). I send best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Where did he go for treatment?

His oncologist is at Greenwich Hospital and is affiliated with Smilow cancer center at Yale and Weill Cornell and Columbia Presbyterian in NYC.

Hi, angelaG! Sounds like my husband is where your husband was. Do you know the chemo drug he was on? My husband hasn't started his treatment yet. Thank you!

So glad to hear your husband is doing well!

Hi ssimons,
He was on oxalyplatin and 5fu along with a targeted therapy called herceptin. He has continued with maintenance chemo since early this year - it's a low dose of chemo and herceptin minus oxalyplatin.

Oxalyplatin is a tough chemo. Some tolerate it well, others don't - my husband was somewhere in the middle and finished only 6 rounds rather than the intended 8.

I wish you and your husband all the luck in the world.