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Esophageal cancer....transitioning to food

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Colleen, we have an esophageal cancer support group that meets, but we also meet patients when they are here for appointments, when they are in the hospital, etc. I try to connect those with like protocols. We all have eating problems after procedures. Our group just talks about what works & what doesn't work with each of us. I live in JAX. Private message me if you want more info.

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Welcome to Connect, Mary Helen.
Sounds like Connect is an online version of your in-person support group and the mentoring you do when patients are in Jacksonville for appointments. Meeting someone who has been there is so important. Being able to do that in person is extra special. I'd love for Connect to be an extension of your support group, to help people stay connected when they leave the clinic and return home perhaps further afield and even other states or countries. We have many head and neck cancer patients and family members from all over the country and from other countries participating in the discussions here.

Mary Helen, you'll notice that I removed your personal email and phone number from your message above. We recommend not sharing personal contact information to keep you safe and from getting unwanted spam. You can read more about the Community Guidelines and how we keep the community safe, respectful and inclusive here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/community-guidelines/

Can you please post more information about your support group in Jacksonville, Florida? When and where do you meet?

Definitely would like to know when you meet 🙂

We meet quarterly, the third Friday of January, April, July & October at 12:30 in the Vincent Stabile Building, Room 150 or 153. It is right behind Mayo's parking garrage. Dr. Michael Wallace & Dr. Herb Wolfsen are doing the progrsm in July & in October another gastroenterologist there is presenting a program on the bacteria in our guts! We hear so much about that now - which is the good bactetia - which is bad - are we taking the wrong probiotics, etc. I am anxious to hear her. Dr. Wallace just spent a month working at the largest esophageal cancer center (hospital) in the world in Kenya!

Everyone is welcome - we talk about what works & what doesn't work for us. We all have eating problems after procedures as well as dumping, etc. The bacteria in our guts have an effect on this, for sure...Newspapers, our cards & brochures all have my phone & email to contact me - I met new patient at Mayo this Monday & have an appointment to meet another next week. Let me know if we can help!

How would I be able to read all your information you have collected regarding esophageal cancer? My husband had the surgery, now we are wishing he never did. It has been down hill ever since! Now he has the cancer recurring and it hasn't been that long plus it is in his lymphs now and surgical area.