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Does surgery work for LPR

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Hello @bpositive,
My sincere apologies for the tardy reply; your message slipped passed me. I’d like to welcome you to Connect, and thank you so much for sharing your history. I can imagine the frustration and stress these symptoms may cause!

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I’d like to introduce you to a few members who have posted about Laryngopharyngeal Reflux, LPR (also known as Silent Reflux), and may be able to offer some insights. Please meet @smorford, @davehudsn, @stardisc, @cowboy1997, @kaystrand, @ptfitzy, @cab26, @ptfitzy, @davearnatt, @kaystrand, @dancemom57, @boogirl, @danielad, @dandl48, @robbinr, @cbs618752, @cmaso67, @dynesapp, @pauletta.

I’m also tagging @travelgirl on this discussion as she has experience with h. pylori

@bpositive, it sounds like you are dealing with a lot and are frustrated, but you have found a very supportive community and we thank you for finding us. If I may ask, has your ENT specialist communicated the findings with the gastroenterologist?

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Thank you for your response Kanaazpereira, sorry for such a late reply. Yes my E.N.T. Specialist and G.I. are communicating. I’m now with a G.I. That my E.N.T. has referred me to for a second opinion and still waiting for Esophageal Manometry & 24-hour Ambulatory study. Not sure if this will help for LPR? Update to my status. I had a carbon 14 breath test done and tested negative for h Pylori. Saw a Rheymatologist who ruled out Sjorjens for my Xerostomia.
I had a biopsy taken from my soft palate inflamed salivary gland which was also tested for Sjorjens, cancer etc… all came back negative except for unknown mild inflammation. Had an MRI brain scan from a Nuerologyst also came back normal. I am wheezing off the PPI medication and I’m only down to one 40mg Nexium a day. I don’t find the PPI’s are helping much…
If I don’t get a diagnosis soon I will be visiting Mayo Clinic. I live in Canada so I will be paying in cash…

Hi @bpositive,

I hope you are feeling better? We would love to hear back from you, and get an update on your progress.

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