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Daniel (@dgroland135)

Brachial plexus injury

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Hi this is Brandy, Daniel’s wife 🙂 Thank you guys for replying! Danny is 39yrs old and was in an ATV accident April 30th damaging the right brachail plexus, right clavicle fx, right scapula fx along with right broken ribs (flail chest), temporal fx causing hearing loss of right ear, lacerated liver, and hematoma of his pancreas. Everything has progressed very well minus the right arm. I have posted the outcome of our last appointment below. We go for the EMG test today. The Dr thinks that Danny will get movement back from his elbow to your hand and minimal shoulder movement. We began seeing a progression everyday with more feeling coming back and some movement coming back but over the past week or so the progression has been very slight. Danny is able to bend his wrist and fingers down but can not flex up yet. He does have shoulder movement as well. He is starting to experience more tingling sensation in the tricep area (which is the area the edema is still located) The decrease in progression causes us to worry but we are aware that this type of nerve damage can take a while to recover and we are still in the early stages. That is why we wanted to join a discussion board with others who have the same DX.

Doing well. Coping with diagnosis
Pain improving. Discussed weaning down on narcotics.
RICE prn
Improving strength in finger flexion and FCR flexion improving.
Lacks all finger and wrist extensaion
No elbow or shoulder ROM returned.
Sensation improving in the hand per the patient. He has returning tingling inthe radial nerve over the hand. New finding. Improving med/ulnar sensation.
Clavicle fracture xray show near anatomic alingment with intact hardware
Continue NWB
Will send to OT for home exercise for ROM and stretching of hand elbow.
Continue gabapentin.
Will refer to ortho hand for dr matthias to eval for brachial plexus injury and comgt

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You need to get to the Mayo Clinic asap. Usually if surgery is needed they try to perform it within 3 months after the injury to get the best results. I had mine even being 7 months pregnant. I hope you get to the right Doctors and he gets much better soon. Best wishes.

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