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Scoliosis and Sleep Number beds

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Hello @gailfaith!
I agree with Colleen.
I have had my bed for 18 years. As I get older and as aches and pains come and go regularly, I have to adjust my pressure. This is one of the benefits to having the bed. It changes with your needs. If the higher pressure worked better, I would certainly try to go back to the more firm settings. My back does much better at the higher settings but my husband uses the lower and gets better relief.

Praying you get comfort soon!

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Hi Dawn and Jen, thanks for your reply. Dawn I assume you also have a Sleep Number bed from what you wrote.. As I've written to Colleen privately, I don't trust the settings on this bed. Say if I set it to 35, and after it says it is at 35 I decide I want it to go back up to 40. sometimes the pump never comes on, but now it says it is at 40! So where was it when it said 35? And if it does go from 35 to 40 , sometimes the pump is on for only a few seconds and other times for a much longer period of time. Hence I don't really trust the settings. Have you noticed these problems? And my PT is as confused about the whole thing along with me. I think next I will address my queries to an orthopedic surgeon. The company has told me how to "calibrate" the bed, by unplugging it for a while, but nothing changes. I'd go back to sleeping on the floor if I thought I could reverse the scoliosis, but that is not possible at this point.