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Personally, I think dealing with diabetes type II is a lifestyle thing. I handle it like just another chronic condition. Pancreas makes less insulin just from aging. That's normal. So eventually pancreas just can't keep up. That's how doctor explained it to me. So to me the most important thing is decrease demand for insulin. That's from exercise, eating less carbs, spreading out meals, lowering glycemic index of food by mixing carbs with other stuff like vegetables and meat. Right now I just aim to keep my a1c under 7. I'm not trying for really tight control. But I am doing healthy living program and that's working on all your stuff like your fitness, body composition, resilience. I make goals that are short and long term. I made a goal to deal with ticks because they were bothering me so much to find ticks stuck on my body. I am afraid of Lyme Disease more than diabetes. So my patient with chronic condition advice is LIVE!!! Live the best life you can in every way. Find things you like to do. Go camping. Ride a bike. Volunteer at food shelf. Have a tea party. Be happy. Then it does seem like chronic conditions aren't so overwhelming any more.

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I love your advice to live a full life. That's what i do as well. Once I adjusted to T2 Diabetes, I stopped trying for perfection. Now I'm working on living a healthy and active life. Thanks, Gail

@gailb Thanks for your "no worries" approach. While you are definitely proactive in treating your diabetes you have come to peace with this disorder. I'm sure that you would agree that the more we dwell on something, the worse it becomes. Teresa