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Perineural or Tarlov cysts

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Hello everyone. I know some of these posts are a year or more old. But I thought I would post with some resources that I've found helpful over the last 6 weeks since my teenage daughter's MRI showed a Tarlov cyst at her S2, which seems to be causing nagging pain only at this point. Please ask to join a private Facebook group called the Tarlov Cyst Society of America. There are others, but this one in my humble opinion, is the most helpful. Don't delay. Join and start reading. The moderators are active in updating their files. There are articles. But most importantly, there are people who are living with this condition who have tried many things, some successfully and some not. I hope you find it as helpful as I do. You will find a list of physicians by state on this site as well.

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Hello @ftrice, welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing some additional information with the members of this discussion. Would you mind sharing with the group what brought you to Connect and what sort of resources you have been able to share with your daughter to help in her diagnosis?

where are the list of physicians please?

Did your daughter have surgery? My daughter has a large one that encompasses the S1 and S2. Just looking for help.