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Perineural or Tarlov cysts

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I too have this issue and i took pain meds for 7 years but had to fight to get an mri which was finally done in jan of 2016 but due to the pain med epidemic going on i choose to stop taking the meds and winged off in oct of 2017 and im here to say my life is a living hell. I do try everyday i go to the gym but i can only do so much and when im using machines i can feel my spine move its so weird. Now as we all know some days are better than others and i never have a full day of ok its a hit and miss. Some times i stand up and fall over cause my legs dont wanna work it sucks so bad. I use to drive a truck locally hauling grain and my legs would hurt so bad that i could barely move,if im on my feet to long standing up my back will hurt so bad i fall down and cry loudly its sad when your wife and kids look at who use to be their superman is crying on the floor with doctors acting like they dont care cause i lost my insurance and now get treated like garbage. My head is even messed up i dont know if its all related but i would love to know cause i cant think straight i fumble my words i lose track of what im saying in the middle talking,i fall into walls alot but other times i feel ok its so weird. I use to be full of energy busy all day long and now just a trip to walmart can wipe me out for the day. I spend most of my time in my bed as the recliner hurts most times,i cant lay on my stomach as it kills my back in ways i cant describe. So much i wanna say but im not a good at typing and its hard to focus. I need answers i need to be a father and husband again so if you have any info on where to look im all ears. My doc is a great doc he is new to me but without good insurance im not being taking seriously. I have my mri images and report and still get no where its sad and im lost as to what to do.

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Did you ever get surgery for your tarlov cysts?