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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis , but that’s the same way I feel! Hopefully the Rheumatologist can help with your symptoms! I wish you the best! I will pass on any information that might be useful. When I go to my next appointment .

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Maybe you and I can struggle Thur this together.

Yes, let’s do that! I’m here for you and all luppies and autos!

Hello Whyus, hope this post finds you doing better! I had a lupus flare that was sever two weeks ago. Joint pain, muscle pain, pleurisy, fever, and sever stiffness. The Rheumatologist put me on Plaquenil so hopefully that will kick in, I stayed in prayer those days when the pain was severe, that helped me cope with it, James 4: 8. I hope you and all the other luppies continue to share your stories, it helps knowing we are not alone and can find comfort in one another. Please take care!

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