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Depressed and Need Ideas for Motivation

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: May 20, 2017 | Replies (6)

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I, too, have suffered from major depression for most of my life and most of my family has, too. I believe it to be chemical and genetic. I was treated by my family doctor and placed on low doses of various antidepressants which did little to help, mainly to keep me from being suicidal. Last summer, I was in a serious auto accident which left me traumatized. I was forced to see a psychiatrist for PTSD, depression and anxiety who put me on 150 mg of Zoloft and 15 mg of Adderall. I also saw a psychologist twice a month for 10 months of cognitive therapy. I now have much more energy, stamina, focus and less depression. I was also diagnosed with ADHD which had gone undiagnosed since early childhood. Yesterday I worked in my yard hoeing, planting, weeding, raking and watering for two solid hours. I have not been able to do this for many, many years. I was not even tired. I guess sometimes something good can come from a trauma. I hope something good comes for you soon. Stay Strong.

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@Gray Thanks for sharing your experiences! The great thing about Mayo Connect is how we all learn from each other. Best wishes.

I am glad that you are able to be motivated to do outside tasks (and not get tired). 🙂 I am hoping that some day, I too will be able to find motivation to come easier. Right now I am working on small goals to do each day to build into routine, so the tasks will come naturally. Consistency is hard.

Back when I was so depressed, I also suffered terrible fatigue and physical pain. Yes, depression is physically painful. I was unable to do even the smallest task. One way I would get a few things done was to break tasks down into small steps. If I needed to clean the bathroom, I would get out the cleaning supplies and put them on the vanity. I might then sit down to rest for awhile. Later I would go into the bathroom and clean the toilet. Then I might go into the kitchen and fix something to eat. Later I would go back into the bathroom and clean the lavatory and vanity. Much later I would clean the bathtub which I did with a long handled brush. It was too painful to bend over to do it. If I wanted to vacuum the living room, I would get out the vacuum and leave it in the middle of the room. It was difficult to ignore the vacuum in the middle of the room. Then in small increments I would vacuum small areas at a time. This was not greatly productive, but I was able to get a few things done. I think you are wise to do small things but it would be easier if you could get some significant help with your depression. That is the key. Blessings.

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