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Interesting Terry. This appears to contradict what @lindam272 reported from the manufacturers instructions to use the microwave. In this message http://mayocl.in/2qD7XjC she wrote:
“…take nebulizer parts and aerobika mouthpiece and soak all in hot soapy water. Later, rinse all parts well and put in the bottle sterilizer, microwave according to directions the sterilizer comes with, remove. I usually let it cool for a bit. Remove parts. Lay out to dry. Rinse/wash out sterilizer and let that dry.”

Linda, did you see Terry’s message about being told not to use the microwave?

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I tracked Terry’s post down. Missed it somehow before. I can’t tell you why they said that. I just know when I talked to my respiratory therapist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital where I’m treated for my A-typical cystic fibrosis several months back, it came up in conversation that I wasn’t sterilizing my equipment every day because it was such a pain in the butt and I was sure to burn the house down forgetting to leave water boiling on the stove. She suggested the baby bottle sterilizer. The booklet for the Aerobika indicates that it can be disinfected by putting it in the microwave in a steam cleaning bag (i.e. Quick-Clean MicroSteam) following the manufacturer’s instructions using distilled water. I don’t use distilled water. I use the bags when traveling but have the larger bottle sterilizer for daily use. The nebulizer booklet that I have doesn’t say it can or can’t be sterilized in this manner. It does say to disinfect once a week by boiling parts in water w/2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid for 10 mins. I have a paper from my RT that outlines how to clean and disinfect respiratory equipment and it says to disinfect at least daily and gives 4 different options for doing that – one is to microwave in a microwavable bowl filled with water for 5 mins or Electric Steam Sterilizer (bottle sterilizer) for 6 – 8 mins. I’ve been sterilizing for 4 mins according to the instructions with the sterilizer. Now that I’m reading this sheet again, I’ll up it to 6 mins and hope I don’t melt anything. It sure is confusing and some instructions contradict others. I just do the best I can and pray that it’s good enough. Hope that helps. Linda

I’m with you, Linda!

@lindam272 Linda, today is a better day so reading some back posts .. REALLY glad I read this one. I was SOOO sick of washing .. sterilizing all my inhaled Tobramycin nebs plus all the saline ones .. I was taking a sabbatical until I start the 2nd cycle .. your post reminded me I am NOT doing a good job of my Aerobika PLUS my two inhaler spacers! Thank you for the jolt! Good job! Hugs to all! Katherine

Katherine, Glad you are starting to feel a little better! And, so very glad I was a gentle reminder!! Blessings, Linda

I’m looking for nebulizer, there are so many different kind and I really don’t know which one is better for inhale Amikacine. Also they are not cheap, any suggestion pls. Thank you all so much for all your help. Blessing!! Cila

@cila, Cila I got mine at: .. I found a good price at: http://justnebulizers.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=p22f81cn .. I purchased the 5 package. Please All jump in if you found a better price! Hugs! Katherine

Katherine, do I need to buy the compressor separate from nebulizer? Is it better to get the portable or the hand held. They can’t send me the Amikacine until I have the machine. My Dr. did not tell me anything or prefer me for this. Thank you all for your help and I’m glad I have you all to guide me. I really appreciate this forum, you are all God sends. Thanks! Blessing to all! Cila