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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Hello! I just joined this group and I am scheduled for bilateral TKR at the end of Nov 2016…but,
I had an appt with a regenerative medicine doc at a clinic about placental stem cell injections in both knees that is leaving me confused about what to do! I would love to have this done but I’m unsure of the REAL outcome of this procedure compared to Tkr! This Dr says that cartilage will regrow and the knees will heal to some degree, but I cannot find any info in online research that states stem cells can make cartilage regrow! I’m concerned about the high cost of the shots esp if it doesn’t work and it’s not guaranteed! They will repeat the injections 6 mos later if I’m unhappy with the results at no extra cost. I’m also concerned about how long this effect may last and if my arthritis will come back in the knee joints within 5-10 yrs.
I wanted to know if anyone has tried stem cell shots a few years ago that have proven to last over time? Online research implies cartilage cannot easily regrow YET, but probably in the future! Also seems there have been no large studies done with stem cell for knee arthritis. With Tkr it’s a done deal, outcome is assured, new knees that last 15-20 or more years! Albeit with pain, meds, and long recovery, etc!

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I had a knee replacement three years ago on the right knee. It still is swollen, and bottom line it did not work for me. In my discussions with others I would say 3 out of 10 have trouble. I swore I would not do that again. My left knee was bone on bone but I heard of stem cells. Last January I did stem cells on my knee. They use my stem cells. I was referred by a female friend who had both knees done with stem cells. The difference is I have full mobility,very little pain and I can knell on my knee in gardening etc.
next I did my back which had an L 4 L 5 rubbing on my nerve. I had an injection to stimulate the stem cells.4 weeks later, no pain, fullmobility, back playing golf,pain free. The downside is the procedure is out of pocket. I would do it again . I have friends who have had their hip injected. There is no hospital stay, I used no pain pills. I wish it was available before I did the knee replacement.

Hello @winning, and thank you for your post about your experience with knee replacement and stem cells. I moved your discussion to a discussion that was actually started just before yours about the same topic. I moved it here because your story was a perfect match and response to @bonlgd questions about whether to do a knee replacement or stem cells for their knee.

Your story is a topic I have come across a few times in this group, so I thank you for sharing your experience with both as other members have had questions about the benefits or negatives about each procedure. Would you care to share more about your experiences with stem cell therapy with @bonlgd?

Hello @bonlgd, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for your inquiry about stem cell treatment for knees. I brought in @winning and their discussion that was also centered around stem cell treatment vs. knee replacement.

I would also like you to meet @dongee who also had stem cell treatment in their knee and may be able to offer their experience with the treatment.

@bonlgd, what are your concerns about having a total knee replacement? I myself have also had one. The recovery was long and tough, however, in the end it has been very successful and I am going on 11 years now. How damaged is the bone structure in your knees? In my experience, even if I would have been able to regenerate some cartilage, my knee bones were so deformed from arthritis it probably would not have mattered. Have you discussed this scenario with the physician who will be performing the knee replacement?

I had PRP and stwm cells done on my knee last week at Mayo in Rochester. Dr Smith and his team ate awesome so now we’ll see what happens

I want stem cell for knee and shoulder.
Where did you get yours and how much $?
1 Dr. will do it at $2,000. WITH NO GUARANTEE as u were offered. Tell me more.

My back was $1000, my knee was $7000. Dr kruse in Toledo, Ohio at wildwood hospital. Friends had two knees for extra thousand. Regenexx is who they have worked with. Very helpful people. They stay in contact with me to follow my progress. Good website to follow others.

The day I had my stem cell procedure done, I notice two others who followed me and they were younger males. The drilling in the hip for the stem cells had very little pain. Blood was taken from both arms, it was mixed with the cells, three hours later the cells and blood was injected in the knee. I needed a cane to go home. The next day I had one more injection. Four weeks of relaxing, reading, tv etc and I was good to go. My knee was bone on bone. I was fitted with a neat knee brace and I do wear it when I golf, bike and garden. Not sure if I need to but it’s my crutch. Having had a terrible time with total knee replacement I just use it for peace of mind. I have been told by the doctor if I feel I need a booster shot that can be done.
There are a lot of doubters out there but I ignore them. Downside is no insurance coverage. I suspect it will happen some day when you consider the cost of a total knee replacement, three days in a hospital and many trips for p/t. It was a bad time for me and my frustration was I went into the surgery in good shape. I had worked out for a year to have good strength etc. did not work out for me. I do have friends that it worked for them. If you have the finances then you must weigh your options.

Good to know that Mayo now offers stem cell for knees. Is it only offered in Rochester or at all Mayo clinics? I am 90 years old. A year ago went through non-invasive valve replacement and 3 artery stents,all via groin at Scrips in La Jolla, CA. I work full time managing my business and exercise a great deal My knees are bone on bone and I don’t want to have knee replacement. So glad to hear successful stories from other members. Have been in touch with Regenexx Maybe worth a trip to see Dr Smith. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Do you know a doctor in California whom you can recommend for stem cell treatment for knees?

I noticed on the regenexx web site there are three locations in California. The reason I mention regenexx is because of the attention I receive after I made contact with them. They have a good e book that is free to read. I just finished it and gives me more information on my body and how things work. I also noticed in Toledo Ohio there are other stem cell locations being opened. One by a chiropractor. Not sure I would go to him. In other words, do your homework. Look at the companies background, their research on what they have done ec.
My first exposure to stem cells was from the mayo clinic on a webinar and they talked on stem cells for arthritis. So far I am convinced, and many of my friends have had it done on wrists, neck, ankle , shoulder, etc.
I have talked to my insurance co about covering the cost. My knee replacement was over $60,000. Stem cells $7000. Do the math. Good luck . Hope you have success like I have had. W

Justin McClanahan,
“I have talked to my insurance co about covering the cost. My knee replacement was over $60,000. Stem cells $7000. Do the math”.

How about we start a petition or a drive to appeal to government + head of insurance companies to cover stem cell cost.
A Dr. in Torrance will do a shot for $2000. Better $2000 than $60,000.
Does this make sense?

I talked to a women in 2010 re her history of terrible heart trouble – she went to Thailand – had blood drawn, sent to Isearl – they told Thailand hospital what stem cells to give her.
She is now healthy and strong –
Compare all her previous heart surgeries to Stem Cells!

My stem cells were at Mayo Rochester Dr. Smith it was the REGENEX. Dr Smith is also doing a trial i wasn’t eligible but you can find it on Mayo website

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