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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Thanks for getting back to me. It's funny you mentioned not going to an "advertising clinic"-- I am going next week. I do not plan having it done with them but I want to see what they have to say and see if I can learn anything. I'm trying to find a reputable doctor in North Jersey with good reviews and even see if I can speak with one of their patients. I'm going to check Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Thanks, again.

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I used a dr who works with regenexx. Great web site, learned a lot from it. They are located around the country.

Oh yes, regenexx is known for being $$$$$
I am looking for CELL DR. in AZ ?
AND so. CA around Redondo Beach.??
Also, ANYBODY, WHAT ABOUT MEDICAL TRAVEL. Lots of countries doing it and we might get Embryonic stem cells. ??

Please let us know if you find a good doctor. I am very interested in this type of therapy for my back and knee. I live in NJ and Florida so any one with feedback much appreciated.

Beware of many quacks in this area.

@mari, you DON'T WANT embryonic stem cells. They are dangerous and are illegal in the US. Placental and umbilical cord stem cells are what you need. Be careful that you know and understand the differences. Gail B Ledesma

RE INSURANCE, I have Medicare and SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE. Don't pay anything.