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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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I got into stem cells from watching a webinar from the Mayo Clinic on the cure for arthritis. I would think it would work on your knees. Cost is a concern for many. Doing research on what doctors to use is important. Cost for me was $7,000, but I have heard some charge more and less. Good luck.

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Thanks for the information. How many visits to Doctor did it take to complete the procedure?

Initial visit to go over MRI and then set the date. Took less than an hour to extract stem cells, the blood draw, sat around for 3 hours, then the injection of the stem cells and blood that were mixed. Injection took around Half hour, go home, sit at round for a few weeks, read,watch tv, and after 3-4 weeks back to walking etc. took 13 days when I notice I had no pain in walking. Did a lot of biking. One thing, no ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. they kill stem cells. Lipitor is a no no for a while. Good luck.

Thank you so much for this information. It is appreciated.

Who charged you $7000.? And where are you? Wow fab results!
Cells from your belly? tell us more please

Dr kruse ,toledo, ohio. They work with regenexx. Look up their website on line. Very impressed with their information and being open on success and failure. They show where their Drs are in the country. I have used them also for the back. Best back has felt in years and no surgery. The back was $1,000.
For the knee the stem cells were from the hip. For the back they inject blood to stimulate the stem cells. If you need more information let me know.

Than you for your note. Please tell me what doctor did your stem cell procedure? Were your knees bone on bone?

i was close to bone on bone. Dr Kruse in toledo ohio. I would do it again. I have finished losing 15 pounds this summer and knees feel good.

Was that a PRP Injection on your back or Stem Cell Injection?

@winning Which facilitiy did you go to for stem cells ? Thank you !

My Doctor was Roger Kruse in Toledo. Ohio.. I know that Cincinnati has a larger firm associated with Regenexx. They do more procedures. Have a relative who is happy with his care. I know Mayo Clinic also does stem cells.