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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritic Knees

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Hello @tropicallady1276, and welcome to Connect.

I would like to invite @winning, @lynettegable, and @talan to this discussion to share their thoughts and experiences with stem cell treatments for knees.

@tropicallady1276, Has stem cell treatment been recommended to you as an option by your current medical provider?

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No-- my medical provider has not recommended stem cell therapy for my knees. I am looking into it on my own because I would rather not have knee replacement-- if possible.

No, I had such a terrible time with my knee replacement and was taking injections for the other knee. A friend told me of their success with stem cells. I knew I would be questionable for stem cells because I had little cartiledge remaining. So far it has worked. I had some soreness several weeks ago and they did a follow up blood injection after finding fluid on the knee.
I think the younger you are the better it is. Just my opinion.
I have had stem cells done on my back and very happy with the results. Also have had friends did hip and knees. I think people want options from doing a painful surgery and rehab. Knowing what I know now I would never do a total knee replacement except as a last resort. I do have friends who have had success with knee replacement. To each his own.

Did you have your procedure at the Mayo Clinic? I am so trying to avoid knee replacement but my knees are getting very bad and I can't wait too long.

Did u have PRP?
Was there any recovery time?
how much improvement?
r u under 70?
What reason for back?

way over 70, laid around a week, then played golf and had a hole in one. Back was L 4 L5 rubbing on nerve. Very painful. Now i exercise in stretching every morning and then i am good to go.

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I do get those notifications but when activity ends I'd still like to be able to read entire thread again. Instead I've just been taking photos of each page and saving photos. Has to be better way to locate old threads. Thanks for any help!!!!

@ees1, A couple of ways to do this would be to bookmark the specific page or discussion on your computer. To do this (it should be similar for any web browser):

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