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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and IVIG Treatment?*

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I have hashimoto's. In 2016 what has changed my world has been finding a functional medicine doctor or nurse practitioner that wants to heal the root problems causing the inflammation attacking and causing the Hashimoto's. My old doctor and endocrinologist (and there were 5 total) none of them would listen to me they all wanted to just up my dosage of Levo. But after lots of reading (articles and testimonials) I knew I needed to try other things specifically a desiccated thyroid medicine along with my levothyroxine. My body was not converting my T cells properly. My body temperature was always low in the 67 to 74 range. It is normal now. I had SVT, which I had an ablation surgery for and have not had problems since the surgery. I had low blood pressure my blood pressure is normal. All the other symptoms that go along with hypothyroid, for the most part have diminished I'm still working on my internal inflammation I think that will be a lifelong journey. I get my blood work every 4 months my medicine changes often but my functional medicine doctor test all my numbers my TSH, T3 and T4 my free T3 and free T4, and my antibodies. She put me on Naturethroid along with my Levo. There are different desiccated medicines I've tried 3 different ones, Naturethroid works best for me.
My dosage of Levothyroxine has lowered to 25 mg. It was at 150. I also had a micronutrients blood work test done and was low on eight different vitamins I supplement with lots of vitamins and herbs and IV vitamins. I feel better than I have in years. I'm to the point now that I have enough energy to start walking for exercise so it's an ongoing journey. I do take IgG as a pill supplement and it helps with my immune system and our immune system is what we want to build strong for our health and with Hashimoto's. Adressing your digestive gut issues is as important a solution for your Hashimoto's. They go hand-in-hand. I take my probiotics religiously. I hope this helps you on your journey keep reading, keep trying things that make you feel better.

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@kjo1 Kudos to you for seeing a functional medicine doctor! I see one too, also known as an environmental medicine doctor and I have Hashimotos' too. He was the one who told me to have my silver amalgam fillings removed from my mouth. My blood work for antibodies directed against my thyroid was off the charts, so the levels could not be read. After all of my old filings were replaced by a biological dentist, my antibody levels dropped significantly and were low, not gone, but in the lower quarter of the scale. Over a couple years, my thyroid improved and we could lower the dose of thyroid hormone I was taking. I had seen a video online that they referred to as a "smoking tooth" where they rubbed a pencil eraser on an old silver filling on a tooth with some contrast lighting and it showed the mercury gas that escaped from the amalgam filing. I used to get sore throats after I ate when I still had the old fillings in my mouth, and I tested myself by putting food in a blender, so I did no chewing, and there was no sore throat. As soon as I started chewing on the old fillings again, my throat hurt. Since the fillings were replaced, this doesn't happen anymore. I take Naturethroid, and these days, there are shortages of this and Armour Thyroid and many pharmacies have no supplies. My doctor was able to find Naturethroid by calling a pharmacy that is a distributor for them and they mail order my prescription. They called the manufacturer to get the information. He prefers this to synthetic thyroid hormones because it has all the components of the T3 T4, etc. My doctor also does allergy testing and custom extracts for allergy injections which lowers inflammation, and optimizes female hormone levels. I have food allergies too, so I avoid lots of stuff including gluten, and a low sugar intake, basically just healthy eating goes a long way toward reducing inflammation. I exercise and I have energy as long as I keep the allergies and asthma under control.

Hello @kjo1, Thank you for sharing your story and what helps you. I would like to add my welcome to Connect along with @jenniferhunter who has also shared some great information – Kudos to you both!