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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and IVIG Treatment?*

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Hello Michaelpaul: I also was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis, and have high markers also, even though I take levothyroxine daily (AM, empty stomach, AT LEAST one hour before eating). My current endocrinologist is not very interested in thyroid disease, so I get my TSH and panel tests done yearly through an independent lab. My dose always needs to be changed. I have also have low blood pressure, and years ago had syncopal episodes during intense aerobic exercise. They tested my heart health, and found nothing wrong. No one has asked me about IVIG therapy. I have other health conditions that may or may not be (according to the medical literature) linked to autoimmune causes, including idiopathic anaphylaxis; polycystic ovarian syndrome; and porokeratosis (skin disorder). I have a blood marker for lupus, but not enough symptoms to be diagnosed with lupus.

Please keep us posted if you try the IVIG therapy, or if your endocrinologist sheds some light on treatment options. I hope your peripheral pain and numbness have been addressed and treated. I also have a peripheral pain issue in one leg, but XRAYS showed nothing wrong. I suspect it is some sort of neuropathy, as of yet undiagnosed. While it does not keep me from exercising daily, it sometimes interferes with sleep.

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Hi everyone,
I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and use Synthroid 50 mg daily. I went from Graves disease to remission to Hashimoto's with the under active thyroid happening for about the last 6 months but Graves having been most of my life. I am 58.
I also have the FGFR3 ANTIBODY which is the CAUSE Of Many autoimmune disorders. It affects the nerves and for the member who said they have a leg with numbness. Get the ENT test done by a neurologist, this is the way my peripheral neuropathy started! In my left leg. It just felt numb in a small area. Now progressed to my feet and starting to have tingling a lot in my hands. I also have on and off lower BP.
I have many autoimmune disorders/chronic and my neurologist is going to test me for other markers.
I am looking for something NATURAL to use vs the IV Solumedrol steroids that I'm betting told by my Neurologist is the only treatment for even a remote bit of relief. I am looking to for any trial studies using medical Cannibus so if anyone knows of any for Neuropathy, please share. I also have Gastroparesis which is slow emptying stomach due to neuropathy.

I would love to learn more and explore this option.