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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and IVIG Treatment?*

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@JustinMcClanahan, thanks for the welcome. Regarding the IVIG treatment, I'm just trying to educate myself. Starting late last year, I began experiencing frequent episodes of syncope accompanied by very low blood pressure. The syncope's under control now, but I still have extreme fatigue and dizziness, accompanied with peripheral pain and numbness.

After a lot of false leads, a cardiologist referred me to a very good autonomic nervous system specialist, and I have finally received a diagnosis of neuropathic postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, with multiple markers for Hashimoto's and mitochondrial disease - high thyroglobulin antibody, antithyroid peroxidase, and TSH, and with low coenzyme Q10. I've now been referred to an endocrinologist.

The neurologist talked to me about IVIG treatment, and I'll wait to see what the endocrinologist recommends, but in the meantime I'd like to hear from peers who have had the same or similar treatment.

Thanks again for reaching out.

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I have Hashimoto’s all my dr gives me is Levothyroxine, I have peripheral neuropathy from b12 deficiency and chronic pain syndrome, and 1 day I was standing by my desk and I just pasted out I never do that and have never again and seen a cardiologist he said my heart was fine, because it happened at work I had a thorough work up and was diagnosed with Syncope I never heard of it till now I thought it was a made up diagnosis! I’m certainly not glad anyone has it but glad it wasn’t made up! I am learning a lot! Amazing how different dr’s treat the same illness