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Cauda equina syndrome (CES)

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I am 38 and new to CES. In July 2018 my back started to hurt. I stepped out onto my front porch heard a pop, drop to my knees and lost all feeling in my right leg. Had my children help me to my bed call the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived they asked me to sit up so I did and I heard another pop screamed from the pain and almost blacked out. Lost all the feeling from the waist down. Arrived at my local hospital where they give me pain medicine told me to go home and call my local provider. I was not satisfied with that so I had a friend drive me 2 hours to another hospital. The hospital gave me an emergency MRI and told me I had to have surgery right away. (I went in to emergency surgery only 3-4 hours after the nerves were compressed). When I woke from surgery I had little feeling in the front of my legs, none in the back of my legs, and my whole saddle area is numb/on fire. I did physical therapy but that cause a lot of pain. I ended up having surgery again Feb 2019. I still have lots of pain and it seems nothing is getting better. I take 100 mg Lyrica 2 times a day and spend 90% of my time in bed. It hurts to walk, sit, or function like a normal person. No one understands.

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@briannan I'm so sorry for your pain and situation I had 2back fractures L2L4 The Dr sent me to the orthopedic Dr for 3months I was in a turtle shell brace my legs where also numb at first and had to lift my hips to turn in bed.Then water therapy that's better for you then on land for 9 months. HAVE YOU SEEN THE ORTHOPEDIC DR? If your PCP isn't helping you see a Orthopedic Dr Your to Young for this I hope you come back and let us know how your doing, connect is a good group and caring group I send you my Welcome Linda

Have you tried a Transcutaneus Electrical Nerve Stimulator ( TENS)out side the body. electrodes above and below back pain and crossed. I used them all the time as a physical Thearpist. Interferential surging type also worked, I know nothing about implants, but this foegotten therapy did give relief..for a while.

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