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Cauda equina syndrome (CES)

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Sorry about some of my spelling

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Hello @sheabebabe, no need to apologize for spelling. I constantly find myself misspelling medical terminology, so many complicated words!

You are dealing with a lot of issues related to your back and nerves. Cuada equina syndrome is rare, and I can imagine frustrating. I was able to find a few members who previously experienced CES, but it was awhile back. I would like to invite @ledgerwp and @topaz to this conversation to share their experience with CES.

@sheabebabe, while we wait to see if they rejoin us, would you mind sharing a bit more about your back/nerve issues? Is the CES the primary cause of your issues? Has the CES caused any long-term damage?

I have the classic symptoms. Nerogenic bladder and bowel. Constant burning in the saddle area concentrated in the anus sphter muscle. I'm on Lyrica. I've tried many treatments. Nothing works.

Hell, don't worry about spelling when you have a spell check, smile. My situation started years ago. I'm an Army Vet and spent about 3 years at the VA having injections, with no help at all. I had, what I thought at the time was pinched sciatic nerve. In all their wise wisdom and taking direction from the US Government, the VA took me off pain medication. I spent 3 more years in severe pain with no pain meds and finally decided to have surgery. Found out after surgery that the sciatic nerve was actually crushed in two places. Had L3,4,5 fusion, with a laminectomy. Then a hematoma caused CES. Lost bladder function, bad balance, severe back pain, numbness and pain down my legs, pins and needles in my right foot, have to use a cane, walker, or wheel chair depending on how far I need to go. The only positive thing so far is I ended up having prostate surgery because I have an enlarged prostrate, My urologist suggested the surgery because of my week bladder from CES and the enlarged prostrate, surgery may be the only chance to get off the catheter. Low and behold it worked and after 6 months with a catheter I was able to urinate on my own. I have control issues and at times leak, But I'm very thankful, Prostate surgery wasn't any fun but I would do it again and again for the same results. I suffer from all the other problems and take one day at a time to get through it. It really effects me mentally, on anti depressants on so on. Your story is very interesting, sounds like the hematoma may have caused your CES. How long after the injection was it before you were diagnosed with CES? and is it possible you had the hematoma the whole time? If so you may want to contact a Lawyer. Get back to me I would love to talk some more Thanks for the response. Skip

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