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@lisabeans Yes, I do have a rheumatologist. Her tests rule out Lupus. I already have rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome and fibromyalgia. My sed rate was not high. All blood tests came out normal except low B12 and an elevated C3C (whatever that is). Anyway, scans of chest, abdomen and pelvis came back clear. However, I continue to have low grade fever (for over two months between 99.8 and 101.2) and extreme fatigue – more than usual. My primary doctor doesn’t know what could be causing it, either. She took some blood cultures on Saturday and I have yet to get those results back. But they have ruled out any type of hepatitis, lupus, any sexually transmitted disease (which I didn’t even know they were testing for, but it was clear!) and certain cancers. So, I guess I will perhaps get a second opinion. Very frustrating. I was really adjusting and moving forward with my various autoimmune disorders and my spinal stenosis, but then this happens! Now I am frustrated, tired and anxious once again. Thank you to all who have replied. I greatly appreciate your input and thoughts.

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My dermatologist told me that blood tests for lupus are hard to test +. She said the skin biopsy was bitter-sweet. I guess we just have to keep searching. I stay so tired. I could sleep all day.

Dear blindeyepug my name is Beryl…..and I have just read you post,,,forgive me if I am a bit behind on this…..
It seems to me that a lot of us seem to go through a sort of torment before someone gets the reason for our illness and starts,to put you in the right slot…..then apart from having the thing you are at least understood…..difficult with people,that can't understand and think you are shamming,
Is it,possible that you could go to a clinic that deals in difficult cases, such as the Mayo clinic…..I have not been to one but I am being looked after by one and they don't think you are imagining your illness ……I have been attending one of these hospitals for ten years now, the nature of the beast means mine is not going to go too soon…..but I live in great hopes that it will one day…..keep,your chin up and look for the right kind of help……these are the experts……..good luck ….

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