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Do Bronchiectasis and MAC go together?

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@russt, Thank you for the information you provided. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. As in the group, “Patient” that you participate in, we are not here to give medical advice. This site is used for connecting with other people who are here sharing similar diagnoses and medical experiences. I am not a physician, nor do I have a medical degree.

Your post was somewhat familiar to me in the sense that I was recently talking to a distant family member who was diagnosed with Valley Fever- up until then I had never heard of it.
As far as having your sinus surgery; Did you have sinus polyps or how was the surgical aspect approached or decided? When are you seeing the infectious disease doctor? Please keep us updated and let us know what they tell you- it will be a great help to future readers.

I have worked at Mayo Clinic for 17 years so I am quite biased to Mother Mayo. I cannot answer the question whether you should come to Rochester for evaluation but in my honest opinion, I wish everyone could encounter a patient experience like what we offer. I do know that we provide a multidisciplinary approach meaning our ENT surgeons work directly with the Pulmonologists, Allergy specialists and Immunology. If you are interested in seeking care in Rochester- here is the link to make an appointment http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

I can understand your concern with long term use of antibiotics. I would like to introduce you to other members here discussing the same thing- Please meet @pamelasc1, @ilgrp4e and @windwalker. Have any of you been patients here at Mayo Clinic that you would be willing to advise @russt?

Also, please review some of the information offered within the posts on this link in our MAC group. http://mayocl.in/2qMZJDM You will find some of the information very helpful.

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Jamie, thnks for reply. I dont know if you caught it in my text but I was a RN for 30 years, so have to say that I'm not a doctor either.
To answer your question about nasal polyps; I think the surgery was to remove areas of infection.
I have asked my Pulmonologist to give a referral for Mayo to my insurance company. I feel like I'm saying to him that I think I can get better care somewhere else. He should be happy for me right? Sticky situation.
I liked you describtion of Mayo being a coperative experience between the disciplines.
I noticed that Mayo does Stem Cell therapy. My impression is that the success rate is in the lower percentages, but if Mayo is doing it perhaps they have a different success rate. It's $10,000 or more.
I would like to hear more about your experience with antibiotics if you would like to share it.

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