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Lexapro withdrawal

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@kdo0827 and @youngsally

I've read your posts here in reference to Lexapro and weaning off it. Kdo0827, before you go on Effexor (cymbalta), I recommend that you read through the Effexor / Venlafaxine withdrawal thread. Those who have taken this drug have a lot to say about how bad it was for them. Everyone is different and therefore we all react to drugs differently, but you should at least read what others say about this particular antidepressant.

Second, have you asked your physicians to do a DNA test to see how you will react to different antidepressants? If not, I highly recommend that you do this before starting a new antidepressant. That will save you a great deal of time and misery by identifying drugs that will work for you. I take Citalopram myself, and it has worked better than I had hoped for. I thinking about changing to Lexapro, so would you be willing to share why you are weaning off it? It was recommended for me, but I need to learn as much as possible from those who have used it. I too will be getting a DNA test to see what antidepressants will work best for me. I look forward to hearing from you both.

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Absolutely agree. The SNRI's are tricky - they worked for me (until recently)...but they have a devilish reputation upon withdrawal. I'm three weeks into my Effexor tapering (down to 37.5mg from 150mg) and will be moving to zero this week. But as you say, everyone reacts differently....For me, the norepinephrine (the N in SNRI) seems to be the key.....

When Cymbalta came on the market, it's main "advantage" was that one generally didn't need to titrate on to the drug - which is/was considered one of the disadvantages of Effexor. Cymbalta also sought/received some other approved indications - in part, I recall, because Effexor had such a dominant share of the market that Cymbalta's no-titrate up advantage was not that big an advantage.

My psychiatrist (new relationship) uses genetic testing - although I have such a long history with antidepressants and the same therapist - that at this point it's probably not something we are going to do. Right now the task is finishing the Effexor taper...then we'll look at whether I will benefit from a different medication (my primary diagnosis has moved from anxious depression/dysthymia to ADD). The DNA tests are not consistently covered by insurance - so that may be a financial deterrent to some people.

@gailb I like the way you think.

Thanks for your concern. I’m already taking Cymbalta and I’m really liking how I feel. I took it 2 years ago and didn’t like it. Most likely due to the other meds I was on. I have indeed had the DNA testing and will get my results next week. My psychiatrist has been out of town or I would’ve had the results sooner. My reason for going off Lexapro was due to how over medicated it made me with other medications. It also didn’t help my depression.