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Lexapro withdrawal

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It seems like you are trying to withdraw too quickly from the Lexapro. I called my pharmacist to help me with information about how to withdraw from 2 medications I have been taking. I recommend that you contact your pharmacist. Actually mine was far more helpful than my physician.

Also, I discovered late in life that all my years of counseling and group therapy have helped me live a more fulfilling and large life, but didn't help my anxiety/panic attacks. I always believed that eventually I would be cured from them, but at the age of 62, I was still having them. I was living in a tiny town in rural Missouri at the time. I asked my general physician if he could give me a prescription for an antidepressant that would help with anxiety too. He prescribed Celexa, and I titrated over 6 months to the full dose of 40 mg. For the first time in my life I have been free from panic and anxiety, and have been happy with my life. I have been happy before, but always with an undercurrent of fear. I had a traumatic childhood, so I understood my constant vigilance as part of PTSD. I never thought I could be free from that undercurrent in my life. With the Celexa (I take the generic Citalopram) I am free of the fear. I am far more relaxed and can express my love and joy. I have concluded that sometimes individuals need both talk and medication therapy. Looking back now, I am sure I needed the antidepressant a long time ago.

I don't know if this will be helpful for you, but I hope it gives you a different perspective. While I have been withdrawing from Gabapentin and Baclofen, I have been experiencing occasional feelings of anxiety and I'm certain this is the result of withdrawal. So, your anxiety may very well be from withdrawal. Google it and read qualified information about withdrawal and the side effects with Lexapro. They will also tell you generally how quickly to withdraw. You do need to be very careful not to get serotonin storms from withdrawal too quickly. Good luck. Gail B

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Thank you so much for your input. I was out on lexapro bc of postpartum. I've been for 15 yrs and every time I try and ween off this happens so the doc puts me back on. I love how I feel off lexapro. I'm the old me ☺️ It's just these panick attacks that paralyze me. I finally found a good doctor to help. I had no idea withdrawal could be this hard. I am looking forward to seeing who I am off this drug. Hoping it's just the withdrawal causing the panic attacks. If it's more and I'm prone to these I'll make sure to stay on a medication that works for me. I really appreciate all your kind words and hope you continue to feel well ☺️

Do you ever get better from withdrawaling from Lexipro? Seems like everyone who weans off just goes on something else. I cannot do that. Haven’t slept in two nights and it’s going on one week since I stopped taking it. I feel hopeless.