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Lexapro withdrawal

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I am also weaning off of lexapro. Haven't noticed much difference being off than when I was on (10 mg, stepped down to 5mg for 2 mos, now off since 4/1). I take Ativan for anxiety (.5) but only when necessary because it makes me sleepy. I am trying to get off Percocet. I have been on it for a few yrs (4 - 5.325/ day) due to arthritis in my hip and shoulders. Finally getting hip replacement after years of putting it off. I am 71 yrs old and hope things work out according to MY plan but it's out of my hands.

Free from, I hope you find answers. You have a good start from the adjustments you have made thus far.

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I weened the same way you did for 2 mos and then 21/2 weeks ago the anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. Not just small anxiety it's the crippling fear can't go to work anxiety. Having a hard time coping because I am a very active person so not sure how to deal with these attacks. Seeing a phych Nurse tomorrow for some help. I also believe there is room for a holistic approach and treating the entire body. Good food, exercise, yoga and mediation. I hope you continue to do well off lexapro.

@janetfinkel I hope that all goes well with your hip replacement. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Teresa

@janetfinkel I’m 71 and am wondering what anxiety symptoms you have. I too am taking Lexapro and it seems to help. But I’m convinced aging has a lot to do with organs simply not functioning as well as they used to — the brain-gut connection being one of them. It feels good to know others who understand. Anxiety pokes a hole in quality of life, so for the time being, I’m medicating. Tried all the herbals but had no real success. Please continue to share!