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Lexapro withdrawal

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When going through a tough time of anxiety I ran across an article that said that 30 minutes of moderate exercise gives you the same "boost" as my Paxil. The dose you have taken is minimal, but I understand your desire to be off of it. Xanax helps but ask about clonopin instead maybe, just a suggestion. Anxiety has to be combated from many angles. Try yoga, lifting weights, cycling and meditation time working in a garden or crafts. Hypnotherapy helped me the most. Stand up for yourself and surround yourself only with positive people for a time to protect your progress. Think every morning of everything that you are grateful for and that make you smile. In my case I had to change my diet (gluten zero). Even if you don't have a diagnoses I suggest doing a "whole30" diet. It will help any inflammation that can mess with anything from hormones to aches and pains. You can do this. Take all advice given by anyone and decide what works for you. Try it all. The words "I can't" need to exit your brain. You can find a way and you will. Hang in there.

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Very well put. Gluten does seem to interfere with gut health causig inflammation. Clonazepam is the med I think you meant. 1/2 mg. Does much p.m. to help increase GABA and eliminating anxiety and helps eith sleep. GAD is a very real condition and not always depression related. Hormonal imbalance too.