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Lexapro withdrawal

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Thank you so much for responding. Every time I try the process of weening I end up back on lexapro bc my doctor thinks I NEED this drug. I don't think they recognize that it could possibly be withdrawal. I am seeing a new doctor this week and pray that she will be open to the possibility that this could be withdrawal. I don't want to be on these drugs anymore bc of how I feel on them. If I truly need them then I'll deal with it but I owe it to myself and my family to see if I need to be medicated. I am so scared to take xanax bc not sure if there is a withdrawal from that as well. Also, I know you can build up a resistance to it. The panic attacks/anxiety is so bad that I cannot go to work some days. I feel like the doctors answer is always you need this drug. There has to be another answer and another way to treat people coming of antidepressants.

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@freefromdrug1 We will all be interested in hearing about your appointment with the new doctor next week. In the meantime, here is some information from Mayo's website about panic attacks http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/panic-attacks/basics/definition/con-20020825. There is a section on this website about preparing for a doctor's appointment and discussion topics that you can use at an appointment. Perhaps this will provide some helpful ideas for you. What other remedies have you tried? Do you have an exercise program like taking walks, Tai Chi, yoga, swimming etc.? These can often provide relief when anxiety hits. You also might look for a NAMI support group in your area. They offer support and education for people dealing with any type of mental illness including anxiety, depression, etc. Continue to share with us as you are able. Teresa

I am walking three times per week, eating clean foods (until two weeks ago) now I have no appetite. I am also taking a combo of vitamins to help with my anxiety. I do yoga before bed and diffuse lavender oil while I sleep. My husband is amazing and is available whenever I need him. Thx so much for the info. It helps to know there are people to talk to.

I cannot figure out how to post a new discussion. I'm wondering if there are any people that have had severe withdrawal from lexapro? I've only tapered to half my dose for 3mos and then at month three severe anxiety hit me. The kind that keeps you home from work. Is there anyone that has suffered withdrawal servely like this for a long period of time? I'm going on week three. Taking xanax to help and was just switched to buspar instead. Afraid I may get addicted to the Xanax. I took lexapro for 15 years.

Sounds like you are getting and taking some really good advice. You are doing everything perfectly in my humble opinion. Buspar is great for stress and anxiety. Be patient, take the Xanax anytime that you need it or on a regular schedule to get ahead of the anxiousness. Take some morning and night maybe. The buspar will take a few weeks and then one day you will just forget to take it because you don't need it. Don't stress about it, do what was suggested by your health care person. Go about your life and laser focus on the details of your loved ones and the duties expected everyday. Choose to not focus on any of your withdrawal and the new drugs. Take them and go about your day. Not drinking alcohol will help the drugs be more affective, some do in moderation but it does act as a VIP in the body and the drug becomes ineffective. Just a side note that you probably don't need to know. You are fine, you are doing this very well. No worries, just the normal OMGOODNESS of everyday stuff!!! Be nice, be happy, be well!!!❤️

@freefromdrug1 : were you able to successfully withdraw?