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Lexapro withdrawal

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Hello @freefromdrug1 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm glad that you have joined this online support network. Thank you also for your post regarding withdrawing from Lexapro. I am glad to see that you are under a doctor's care while you are in the withdrawal process. Have you discussed these current problems with him/her as well?

Previously we have had a discussion on the topic of withdrawal from antidepressants, some of which discuss Lexapro - here is the link, http://mayocl.in/2pBYHti. Please take a look at some of their comments. From this discussion, I'd like to invite @mentor51 @frank1 @ronnie3716 and @jay_baruch who have discussed changing their Lexapro dosage.

Please feel free to continue to share with us during this process, we have a lot of individuals in our Mayo Connect community who care and are willing to share their experiences. Best wishes to you! Teresa

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i'm new here. I have a son, age 19, trying to withdrawal from 40mg day Lexapro, with doctors help. He's been on 30mg for two weeks and huge anxiety / panic attacks coming up, overwhelming him at bedtime (when he takes his meds) - been taking Lexapro for 3 years, original diagnosis autism and OCD and agoraphobia and panic attacks. Original prescribing doctor thought he had schtizophrenia too. New doctors say no to that.

Welcome, @johnlionheart

I'm sorry your son is experiencing these symptoms. Is he changing to a new medication as he goes off Lexapro? Sounds like he might need an anti-anxiety med. It also seems that you might be ready to take him to the ER. Are you keeping his doctor and psychiatrist aware of what you see? I do hope that his body will adjust to the medication change soon.


what other anti-anxiety meds are there? He takes Clompramine 100mg and Olanzapine 7.5 mg now. Also has Ativan .5mg as needed and Gaba chewables over the counter as needed, but rarely uses them.


I take Clonazepam (Klonopin). I'm sure there are others. Have you looked at the Mental Health group discussions? If you can find a good discussion, you may find the answers you need.


Hi, @johnlionheart. I also wanted to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. Some of our other members in the mental health group--@pankaj, @lighthouseceliac, @freefromdrug1, @shoregal45, @ contentandwell and @hopeful33250--may have some further insight on anti-anxiety medications and what has worked well for them. @johnlionheart , are your son's doctors looking a putting him on another medication when he has tapered off the escitalopram (Lexapro)?

Glad to hear he's got a new doctor. To me it sounds like his first doctor was not at all careful about how he was diagnosing and prescribing. Best of luck to him (and you).

Hi, just joined the Lexapro withdrawal thread. How do I post a new comment? My son is taking 40 g Lexapro a day, for the last three years. Seems ok with it. But I worry about it. Seems excessive. he has autism, anxiety, OCD diagnoses. Was taking 40 g of Olanzapine a day, but a year ado his dr gradually got him down to 7.5 daily. And stopped the Clompramine, much better now. One doctor prescribes getting back to nature, and a couple weeks ago we went camping on Mt Shasta, he was so happy, running around barefoot, racing with his doggie and playing his guitar. You can see his music page at my username.