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Hi @wpshooter,

Trazodone is an antidepressant, and is often prescribed in lower doses to ease insomnia and, as @sandytoes mentioned, because of it's restful effect.
I take Trazodone at bedtime as well, and have not experienced any vivd dreams because of the drug. @blindeyepug @johnhans @ajgray @jay_baruch @lamerex4 @kyjeanne have written about Trazodone, and I wonder if they will join in to share their experiences while on this medication?

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Replies to "Hi @wpshooter, Trazodone is an antidepressant, and is often prescribed in lower doses to ease insomnia..."

I did have vivid dreams while on Trazadone but only when I was taking it in combination with Prednisone -- to help ease my insomnia.

Are you saying that the Trazodone did not cause you to start having vivid dreams or are you saying that it stop you from having vivid dreams that you were having before taking it ? I am already having stressful dreams and I want to know if Trazodone will get rid of them. Thanks.

When I was taking the Trazadone together with the Prednisone, that was causing my insomnia and the reason I was originally taking Trazadone, I had very vivid dreams. When I stopped taking the Prednisone but continued the Trazadone my vivid dreams stopped. I take Trazadone now without vivid dreams but I'm not taking Prednisone right now, either. I don't know if the Trazadone will help arrest your vivid dreams but good luck!

May I ask what was the purpose of your taking the Prednisone, what was it supposed to accomplish for you ? Did you stop taking it on the advise of your doctor or did you stop taking it on your own ? Thanks.

I was taking Prednisone at the time for a severe flare of Crohn's disease, as an anti-inflammatory. I tapered off of it eventually under my GI doctor's supervision. Today I take Humira for my Crohn's along with Apriso (Mesalamine) with good success.

@wpshooter, I've been taking Trazodone for 5 years. I didn't start dreaming a lot, until I added Ropinorole (Requip) for Restless Leg. One thing I will say is that I ran out of Trazodone while on vacation and found I couldn't sleep. I really helps me!

Sounds like you are saying that it is habit forming or that you may become dependent on the Trazodone to sleep. Have you talked to anyone else who tends to confirm that this medicine may be habit forming ? Thanks.

@wpshooter, It isn't supposed to be habit forming like so many others. It's just that I need something to sleep. My Rheumatologist, who diagnosed my Sjogren's, put me on it, since I was having trouble sleeping. He had me try different doses, until I found what was right for me. He said that it is very important for us to get enough sleep, or we will get worse physically. I didn't want to take anything, but he convinced me that it was necessary.

@kyjeanne, Is advice to take something like Trazodone something that should be taken on the say of a regular M.D. or should it only be taken if advised to do so by a doctor specially trained in sleep disorders ? My MD is prescribing it for me and I am very hesitant to do this on his advice alone. Thanks.

@wpshooter, Well, my Rheumatologist prescribed mine, but all of my doctors, including the sleep study doctor, know that I'm on it. They have no problem with it. I was hesitant too, but he said it is better to take this than not - for health reasons, and I believe he is right. I don't regret being on Trazodone at all. I don't believe it is addicting either. When I was off it for awhile, I bought some Tylenol PM to help in the meantime, although it wasn't as effective. I did not have any kind of withdrawal symptoms; I just wasn't sleeping well without Trazodone. I hope that helps.