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@wpshooter I can tell that it must be hard to know which came first, the dreams or the stomach problem. Perhaps a doctor can sort this all out for you. Have you seen a sleep specialist? Teresa

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Teresa: No, I have not. My understanding is that what those doctors primarily diagnose and treat are things related to sleep apnea, breathing patterns, etc. Thought at one time that my problem might be related to breathing thru my mouth when asleep but I have eliminated that as the cause. Think I am going to try the therapist route first (to see if this is psychosomatic) and then if that does not pan out, might see a sleep specialist. Thanks.

@wpshooter I congratulate you on the systematic way that you are seeking answers by going to different specialists. You seem to be doing a good job at looking at the "whole picture" so to speak. I do agree with @kariulrich that a sleep study specialist can provide you more information that just breathing-related sleep problems. They are very qualified sleep specialists and may be able to shed some light on your situation. We will be looking forward to hearing from you again and best wishes. Teresa