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@wpshooter If you are having stomach problems, you may want to discuss this with your doctor. He/she will probably be up to date on the kind of research you want to see and can also treat your stomach problems if you are having any. The doctor may also want to refer you to a mental health practitioner if you feel your nightmares are so stressful to cause your health to suffer. My dreams are always about being in charge of some important task and having all kinds of obstacles thrown in my path. I do not really call them nightmares and they are really not that stressful, thank goodness. I am retired so really am not in charge of any important tasks other than day to day run of the mill ones at home. I do suffer from lifelong major depression so have been and will be treated for that ongoing. I am very grateful for this and for the support of all of my friends including those here on Connect. You will find that kind of support here, too, so please stay in touch. Take care and Stay strong.

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Gray: Thanks for your reply. Hmmmmmmm, yes I am now retired from a CPA firm and my dreams are also in the same vain as yours. One that I have on a fairly recurring basis is about me being in my old office and there are a bunch of other people in there who are keeping me from getting my work done. And like you, since I am retired, it is my opinion that I also have much less stress than I did while I was still working. I have been seeing MANY different healthcare professionals about this problem for years and they all just keep trying the same thing over and over again, that is, trying to treat me for acid reflux - which does NOT work. I have definitely come to the conclusion that this has to be the dreams that are causing the burning in my stomach ONLY while I am sleeping (does NOT occur at all as long as I am awake). Most people (including the doctors) that I talk to about this, seem to believe that the dreams are a result of the stomach burning and not the cause. I think I am going to try to find a therapist who may have a better understand of the cause and effect of the stomach burning and the dreams.

@wpshooter I have been brainstorming about digestive problems because I also suffer from indigestion, IBS, yeast overload and Colitis. I think some of these are autoimmune problems which run in my family. Then I think some of them are related (sort of like side effects) of other problems such as Sinus infections. When I have a sinus infection which is fairly often, I also have a very painful upset stomach with bad cramping and shortness of breath. I think this is because of the Sinus drainage down the back of my throat. In fact, I am having this now because the oaks and pecan trees are blooming where I live and this is one of my worst allergies. With this I also have headaches, earaches, toothaches and eye aches. You may want to be checked for autoimmune problems. As for the therapy, I am presently undergoing cognitive therapy for my depression which is helping. I used to work in a mental hospital (I am a retired social worker) with two of the best psychiatrists I have ever met. I remember one of them saying to delusional patients, "I know you hear voices but you know they are not real." I tell myself this about my dreams. Of course, the dreaming is real but the scenario that I am in charge of an important task is not real. I am retired. I am no longer in charge and I can be grateful for that. Another thought is hypnotherapy which is very short term. I also meditate which is very relaxing and I have done Tai Chi. Walking in a beautiful park is always recommended for any kind of stress and you can do something called walking meditation, too. This day and age, there are so many different resources to choose from and more being developed all along. And, of course talking with others in a safe place like Connect is one of the best. Let me know how it goes. You may discover something to help me and others with this problem. Stay safe.

Gray: I have had autoimmune testing and they "said" that all of that was not applicable to me. However, you mentioning sinus problems reminded me that whenever I am awakened with the dreams and burning stomach and when I spit in the sink afterwards, I have noticed that my saliva looks white and milky (and this is whether I have eaten my milk and cereal or not) looking but during the day (non-sleeping periods) my saliva looks normal/clear. Have sometimes wondered if something could be draining from my head into my stomach but then I generally do not have any regular/ongoing sinus problems. Thanks.