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Adhesion's after surgery

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I would like to invite @jimhd and @dawn_giacabazi to this discussion to give their thoughts on your adhesions. Each has discussed having surgery for adhesions or getting adhesions as a result of surgery.

I do second @gailb‘s idea that it may be worth a shot to try the enema at the instruction of your current gastroenterologist and discussing your medical history with them.

@painwarrior, did your surgeon who helped you with your previous adhesions ever discuss why he or she thought you were so susceptible to adhesions after each of your back surgeries?

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The more times you have surgery in one particular area, the greater chance for increased adhesions. I’ve had problems since my third and fourth spine surgeries (they were six weeks apart). I had a very large tumor on my spine, and the had to open me up from the front and back to get it all out. A year and a half after those two surgeries I started having a lot of abdominal pain. After a year of kidney infections, my gynecologist did a laparoscopic surgery to see what was going on. I had adhesions (scar tissue) enveloping my uterus and ovaries. When they got inside to do a hysterectomy, they find the adhesions had wrapped around my kidneys, which is what was causing my kidney infections. So now every time I have low back surgery I form mass amounts of adhesions.