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Collagenous Gastritis

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Hello @knutrition,

Welcome to Connect; thank you so much for sharing you story. In reply to your earlier question about the study, here is the link: http://www.mayo.edu/research/clinical-trials/cls-20314533?_ga=1.105687232.292424276.1484505519

I’ve also copied an overview of the clinical trial for your convenience:
“The purpose of this study is to develop a resource (bank) of biospecimens (blood, tissue, stool) and data collected from individuals with known or suspected gluten enteropathy, including celiac disease (CD) and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH). Other enteropathies will also be included: collagenous sprue, idiopathic sprue, lymphocytic enterocolitis, idiopathic enteropathies, collagenous gastritis, Whipple’s disease, and other miscellaneous inflammatory disorders of the small intestine. This resource will be invaluable in answering the important questions outlined above and other future unanswered questions.”

I’d encourage you to view the recently launched Gastroenterology & GI Surgery Page on Connect, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/gastroenterology-and-gi-surgery/ where you will find a wealth of information, especially with regard to the link between our gut bacteria and digestive health.

In the meantime, I hope @epvb @sodonnell, @shosh37 @kacolton @ibrown51484 @mindi will also join this discussion with their insights.

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Find your list of interests interesting and I'll explain why, so for all you patients out there suffering and I know there are many and you can't seem to figure out why your not getting better and the meds let's face it most of them cause more issues then they resolve while your docs ignore you, get nasty with you offer you a psychologist to drug you up some more so you can suffer worsening effects. Fact is I don't really believe doctors care because if they really did care first of all they wouldn't be pushing all of out their doors unless say they need that guinea pig experiment where God forbid you wind up with more issues (as I did) then you get passed around and once they are sick of seeing you they let the police brutalize you sick on the ground and don't care when they smash your face from dropping you as "your faking it." Yes life is lovely folks when medical facilities like Mayo who pride them self in the best care you are never going to receive cause they use us folks that's why you now show your id's at the door and you have your nice little file they pass around on you so if you are the experiment, that's all you'll be and fat chance of actually getting care because here's the deal folks. All the major clinics are experimenting on the same symptoms, yep interesting isn't folks… Now I'm going to fill you in on why. In 1968 Mr. McCain and Travelers Insurance got together to make a plan with so-called green projects, and they knew that the public would not like that maybe some of these projects might just make the environment and you all sick. See I come from long blood line of agriculture and a little company by the name of Monsanto well they don't like the human population to have control of food, I mean food is power, food is money. So during the great brainwash Clinton era, an ex CEO was head of the food and drug for one reason folks…. power. You see our forefathers knew control of food would create an imbalance in social classes much like our nationalized health care did for our top hospitals which is why everyone is sick and can't figure out why nothing is working anymore. Yeah they thought they had protected it, but we got the shock of a life time folks because while all you sheep out there following the pied piper fell asleep, in came CEO of Monsanto and during this time frame because they were rejected every other attempt, they found a very unique way to slip in the door and take over. They concocted a GMO seedling, see with head in place at FDA very easy guys and they were smart, they found a unique way to patent food, something our forefathers never wanted to see happen and with good reason. So the reason we now have 90% and probably higher in GMO food production was all in the name of business, but there was a slight little problem with this see you don't mess with God's creations although we seem to be doing it by leaps and bounds and now we have doctors not really reporting the vast numbers of you all getting sick a little at a time, what… is something wrong, are you getting tired, stomach swelling, pain? Oh now is your skin reacting cause your liver is on overload and your intestines are getting IBS, Lupus, Lymes, EBV, Mono, Gluten problems? Wake up and to all my doctors out there I know your not being very honest and your drugs only empty my pockets and make me sicker. Fact is our food has issues guys, our water has issues and in the US, unlike some other countries we treat our animals better than our own people. We have crap testing that finds nothing because these are very strategic type of infections that literally over time start to cause havoc in the body and your doctors WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP YOU, as a matter of fact they rather laugh in the hallways at you and diagnose you with multiple conditions when really you have issues from your food and water and as long as you have to eat, you are NOT going to ever feel better. I will tell what does help and that I know of the only people allowed this treatment are the rich and premium insurance holders which have special fancy facilities the rest of us know nothing about. An IV and oxygen folks with intermittent antibiotic for specific bacteria/fungus (by the way farmers have battle fungus issues for centuries and we ARE eating it)/parasites. Problem is no one in infectious disease or gastrology will say jack about it unless they like you or something then they will run a 3D MRE scan which folks only about 3 in the country and fat chance you will be accepted. Fact is ct and regular MRI won't show a damn thing, 3D MRE well that's a different story, but also concerning is the block we have to obtain our imaging, for all you youngins out there we used to see things and get things on the spot and for a reason, it keeps our doctors honest, but now look at the imaging libraries hospitals have to look through when they don't want you the guinea pig patient to know what is really going on. If you think all your doctors are so honest…. hmmmmm….. well why then can they cut your phone off, and why can they record you but you can't record them. Let me tell you something very real here, your doctors are NOT as honest as they pretend to be and you are suffering because they DO NOT CARE, they care about their own egotistical research, looking good with their peers, they have no regard for the suffering you are in and they laugh and make condescending remarks all the time about you the patient, and when their residency doctors secretly do your surgery when you thought your doctor was doing it and they injure you further don't look for the hospital to care about what happened and you can file with every state agency, federal agency about your patient rights that no one tells you don't exist outside of the paper they hand you. I WANT A REAL DOCTOR!!!!!! Do you hear me???? Your ignorance, your lies, your deceptions, your unethical behavior that you so proudly override your patients concerns all over online today is destroying the lives of your patience and you can sit here on your little talk groups and con some, but you will never con me as I got to see what you are and you intensionally refused me care, refused a surgery that could make my life normal again, refused me the treatments I got better on so you could just toy with me and leave me sick with the ones that brought hell into my world forever. Wake up patients, I swear please get yourself together, all of you sick from toxicities, food, water… start insisting that our doctors and hospitals have to start treating these issues appropriately before you end up with an RX note in your hand waiting for the an ER situation to occur first that could end your life because not one doctors in the US has the guts to do the right things and go in there and fix the problem they created in the first place by ignoring everything that was going wrong for years. This is laziness, greed, unethical and it's good all American Mayo Clinic at it's finest.

Miss Kanaaz….when you want to admit how many of us are rotting from the inside out from the bacteria/fungal/parasites which are at the root of most organisms defaults, in which my country consistently ignores as we all suffer grueling loss of our quality of life… I will listen, but for now the only thing Mayo Clinic did for me was ignore my abusive doctors and then erased me from their system. That is no way to treat any patient who has suffered ten years of declining health cause no one will do an exploratory and fix my damages and now I'm just sitting letting the clock tick waiting for the issue to put in the ER with another agonizing bout of SBO. Shame on all of you and I will NOT apologize to any of you anymore I am sick due to your negligence to treat a simple problem you allowed to grow way out of control and I am tired of hearing your damn excuses. Go experiment on a rat please!