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Has anyone had experience using cymbalta for pain relief?

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I use it for Fibromyalgia pain & post surgical neuropathy pain.

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you feel it has helped the neuropathy? I was already taking Cymbalta when I developed some neuropathy as a result of chemo.
never knew Cymbalta could be helping that also.


I've been through the list and beyond of meds for peripheral neuropathy, and am taking Cymbalta now, albeit not very effectively, along with morphine sulfate contin. Tomorrow, I'm having a trial implant of a spinal cord stimulator. Fingers crossed, on my knees praying that it helps.


I truly do hope it helps. I just sent up my prayer for you I know !!!! the power of prayer works.

I think it helps. I take 50 mg in the am & 30 mg at HS. I also take 4.5 mg of Naltrexone. The two help the most of anything i have taken in the past. I have taken gabapentin, lyrica, depakote.....can't remember them all.

I don't take the max dose of 120 mg Cymbalta because I didn't notice any benefit at the higher dose.

Alyric, you have been through so much. I admire your strength. Thank you for your reply. I am dealing with chronic pain issues and Cymbalta has been recommended by a pain management doctor. I see my primary care doctor tomorrow and will ask her for a prescription. Take care - what does HS mean?

I just got the stimulator implanted, but it could take 3 days before I feel relief.


HS means Hour of Sleep. Sorry, medical terminology. I'm a nurse so forget sometimes when I'm writing.

I noticed an error when I re-read my post. I take 60 mg Cymbalta in the morning.

@AlwaysHopeful, thank you for your kind words. Ya know, I just don't feel strong. But I don't feel out of control like I used to. Most of the time I have much peace, but, there are days! Today was one of those days. My PCP prescribed a compounded medication for my neuropathy JANUARY 4th. It is now APRIL 11th. The pharmacy apparently doesn't understand the presciption. I keep getting calls from them saying this cream isn't covered by insurance so if you want a tube of it, you have to pay $190. I explain the whole thing to them AGAIN for the 10th, 11th, 12th time. Can they not put it in their notes right on the screen everything we've talked about every time this cream is denied? my doctor is as frustrated as I am.

Part of my neuropathy is from moving the 2 rib muscles over to the trachea. The nerves & blood supply was maintained to ensure the muscles would successfully graft to the trachea. When I asked my surgeon if she could ablate those nerves she said she would have to reassess at a year. Well the year is less than a month away. Has anyone ever had nerve ablation?

Thank you, Allison. I hope so as well!