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I was given the same advice. I have issues with pain, too.
I take Tylenol Arthritis twice a day.
It helps some days better than others.
But what can you take that does NOT contain ANY NSAIDS?

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Hi Ronnie. I'm sorry you are having pain issues too. Daily chronic pain can wear you out, I know that. I take a pain med called Nucynta ER twice a day. It sure doesn't get rid of the pain as I have pain in multiple joints, but it at least makes it tolerable most days. They have two versions. Nucynta is for acute pain, like after surgery, or injury and for short term. Nucynta ER is extended release and for daily chronic pain patients like me. There is no generic yet, and it is very expensive, but I have a manufacturer coupon card I use and even after insurance, and using the card, it still costs $100 a month, but that is due to the strength. The lower doses cost much less with the coupon card. I've been on it several years, so the strength has increased over the years as I'm aging and getting more arthritic joints etc. It starts at 50Mg twice a day and maxes out at 250mg twice a day. I am at the 200 mg dose. Look it up to see if in would adversely interact with anything else you may be taking before considering asking your doc about it. God Bless.