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@momther Welcome back to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

You had gastric bypass 12 years ago and you have been able to maintain your weight. Congrats on your success.

You are wondering if it is you can take Aleve?

Members like @fourof5zs @ejayne01 @sandytoes14 @judipogo @shrinkerbell have experience discussing this topic and may be able to help.

@grandmar and @aprilarlady said that their providers advised them to not take Aveve. Since you asked the question, may I ask if this is the advice your provider gave you as well?

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Good Afternoon. My bariatric surgeon told me way back in 2005 about having to stay away from the NSAIDS. Being that I have a lot of joint issues and have had since my 20's that has been a big problem for me. Do I take any? On rare occasions. I've taken too much tylenol over the years and now have to stay away from that as well, so I take pain med every day that does NOT contain either. I have to have something to be able to function. I have had a couple 30 lb regains in all these years but always take it back off. I'm in one of those periods now due to being stuck at home almost a year now thanks to this pandemic, but working on it. We can do this! God Bless!

The advice given to me regarding NSAIDS was recent.
I am 4 1/4 yrs. out from the sleeve.

Im approaching 14 years of successful RNY gastric bypass. Please don’t take Aleve or Motrin. You could get a bleeding ulcer. I was always told no NSAIDS. Keep following that no NSAIDS rule. See a doctor if your elbow pain continues.