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Hi ! I just found this group and wanted to let you all know some info about me and I’m dealing with so much of the same things as many of you. I’m 30, had the surgery at 22 and had losts of complications with stomach being too small and lost 100 lbs in 3 months . Had gallbladder removed 6 weeks after my gastric…. I was 318 lbs day of aurgery and today I’m 145-149, I don’t stress my weight because I think I look good and I know a lot of the tummy is extra skin. But at my smallest I was down to 128 lbs and my whole family was terrified I was going to die but I thought i looked great? Anyways fast forward to 2012 when my back started to hurt all the time my upper back between my shoulders like I’m being squeezed by a giant. my hands go numb and feet too, my ribs hurt so bad I can’t wear a bra, anything on my hips that’s too tight makes my back hurt too?? One day I try and stand up and can’t feel my legs or even my bladder.. I could t push to pee and was rushed to the ER Spent a week there got every test under the sun done a full body mri.. cat scan even spinal tap and nothing was coming up.. they did mental evaluation and said I was fine there too??? Thy discharged me with a walker and said to practice standing and slowly walking at home …. so I did and I got it back but it’s still been hard to walk and not feel like I’m going to fall over on bad days . My hips and back hurt so bad all the time!!! In 2014 I got pregnant with my first full term baby and pregnancy was hard but not awful .. I was very anemic and needed iron transfusion.. I went to pain management since 2012 with not much help. Butran patches and tramadol didn’t help at all. Gaba also made me feel yuck! Baclofen also did nothing. I kept seeing my pain doctor and in 2016 got pregnant with my second baby and had an awful pregnancy. Extreme pain . Constant iron infusions in fear id go into labor and bleed out. My teeth also at this point started getting pretty bad and no dentist understood why .. even asked me if I did meth! By month 8 I could hardly walk and baby was in birth canal the last 6 weeks of pregnancy 🥴. After I had him with in 6 months all my teeth fell out or broke out. I had to get all my teeth pulledd in April and just got dentures 5 weeks ago! No I’m 2012 I was diagnosed with EHLORS DANLOS SYNDROME to which they blame everything wrong with me on the fact. So here I am on my 4th pain management dr who finally gets that I’m not able to function and have a 1&3 year old and he put me on MS Contin 15mg every 12 hours that’s not working at all and 10mg Norco every 6 hours that’s not working at all… I see hi m again next Friday.. what should I ask him for for chronic pain. I can’t live like this anymore . I’m losing my mind. I can’t even lift my kids !

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Welcome and Good Morning!
I am so sorry for all you have been through. Since you talk about your stomach being too small, I assume you had a sleeve gastronomy. I also had it done, 2-1/2 years ago with no complications. I am 63.
As I read about your issues, the gallbladder surgery is no surprise. You lost so much weight in such a short period of time.
I am certainly no expert in health care issues, but I have had some experience in weight loss surgery. So, I hope you do not mind if I ask you some questions. If you do, I will not be offended if you do not want to answer.
Do you go for a yearly check up at the office that did your weight loss surgery? If so, do they do a COMPLETE blood and urine to make sure that you are not deficient in any of the important nutrients needed? Do you still take your required vitamins EACH and EVERY day as directed by your surgeon? I ask these questions because it sounds like some of your symptoms could be deficiencies or malnutrition. Again, I am not in the health field, I am just going by what I have heard, researched and experienced. When you have deficiencies or you suffer from malnutrition, your body can start to hurt and your bones can become brittle. In addition, when you lose the weight, you lost it all over leaving the amount of skin covering your body a lot less. I know many people who have tailbone issues because they have lost the fat there, as well as having difficulty sitting for a long time because they no longer have butt cheeks and it feels like you are sitting on bones.
Are you eating enough protein? My guess is you should be having somewhere between 65-85 grams of protein a day based on your current weight. Protein is needed to build up your bones and strength and stamina. Having additional protein cannot hurt. Make sure you are NOT going under any of your nutrient requirements.
As for the pain doctor, if he is not helping you, would your insurance allow for you to switch doctors? If so, do a good search for a new one. Read reviews of PATIENTS as they are the ones who have the personal experience with the doctor. There are several sites you can use to find that information. Google: doctor reviews. VITALS.COM and HEALTHGRADES.COM are only 2 such sites. You need to be proactive with your health and I am sure that taking the meds you have been given makes you loopy (a hard way to be when you have two babies to take care of). Remember, you CANNOT take EXTENDED RELEASE formulas because of the weight loss surgery.
I hope this helps.

Best wishes!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)