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Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients

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I am so sorry for what you have going through.
I had my sleeve surgery almost 2 years ago.
I've lost 90 pounds but gained 5 pounds and I've remained there. However, I do go up and down another 5 pounds (10 pound total).
I have not reached my goal. Still need to go down around 15-20 pounds.
I attribute most of this weight fluctuation due to all the meds I take, including steroid shots and oral meds, anti-anxiety and a host of others.
I was diagonsed with Fibromyalgia over 20 years ago.
It was actually diagnosed by my dentist who also diagnosed me with TMJ. It is not unusual for them to go hand in hand.
Anyhow, there are many doctors who do not believe it exists.
I believe these people are closed minded because you cannot actually SEE Fibro or test for it.
It is diagnosed by symptoms and the elimenation of other ailments.
You are NOT losing it with regards to it.
I also come from a parent who abused prescribed medication.
I have always been VERY careful with things like opioids. I always take less, if at all.
When the Fibro pain became more than I could bare, I did a few things that helped me for a long time, until I aged and developed other things like osteo-arthritis, etc.
The first thing I did was diet (it was before I had WLS).
Next, I started to exercise daily which was just walking. I was so out of shape, my hubby had to drag me by the end of the walk. Soon, I could not only do it myself, but I also started working out on a treadmill and with weights.
I also did something I was trying to avoid, take meds. I took 10mg of Amitriptolyne (spelling?). It was a VERY low dose. It helped me to get into the deep sleep.
Aquatic PT, chiropratics and theraputic massage rounded off my treatment.
Within a month, my horrific pain reduced to a small inconvenience, once in a while.
Hope this helps!

Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

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I've been doing a strong 30 to 45 min of exercise daily for over a year and I cry throughout and go back to sleep following. Do you sleep 16 or more hrs daily?

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