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Pain meds for Gastric bypass patients

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I had my surgery at Mayo in 1998, lost 130 # in 10 months, have gone up and down 5# periodically when stressed. I was on antidepressant regimen prior and after surgery noticed meds weren't working as well, had them adjusted and increased enough to cover nonabsorption and have remained stable. I have had several episodes of quickly decreasing Hgb and Hct requiring subdural B vitamins monthly and Iron infusions weekly, once for over 2 years to reach Hgb of 10. To date those are the only nutrients my internist and hematologist have dealt with though they tell me to get more sunshine as vitamins D is low. I've been blessed with pain not playing any part in my health problems until 2 yrs ago when everything hurt, I can't take showers as the water pressure is too painful! Hematologist says it's Fibromyalgia and Internist doesn't believe in Fibro so imagine he thinks psychsomatic. I come from an addictive family and want to stay away from opiods or addictive Rxs though I tried Gabba with no noticable improvement. Internist says get more exercise, I religiously do resistance and cardio 30-45 min daily, crying the entire time and it only seems to make it worse. I sleep 18-20 hours a day, hard enough I don't hear the phone or an alarm. Any suggestions? Is Fibromyalgia real? I had what was referred to as pernicious anemia BEFORE I HAD THE SURGERY (first Dx age 15). Then they said it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome followed by an unacceptable Epstein-Barr titre. I am house bound and fear bed ridden isn't far away! Has anyone tried DMSO? Marijuana? Sorry so long, I'll learn to do better.

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I am so sorry for what you have going through.
I had my sleeve surgery almost 2 years ago.
I've lost 90 pounds but gained 5 pounds and I've remained there. However, I do go up and down another 5 pounds (10 pound total).
I have not reached my goal. Still need to go down around 15-20 pounds.
I attribute most of this weight fluctuation due to all the meds I take, including steroid shots and oral meds, anti-anxiety and a host of others.
I was diagonsed with Fibromyalgia over 20 years ago.
It was actually diagnosed by my dentist who also diagnosed me with TMJ. It is not unusual for them to go hand in hand.
Anyhow, there are many doctors who do not believe it exists.
I believe these people are closed minded because you cannot actually SEE Fibro or test for it.
It is diagnosed by symptoms and the elimenation of other ailments.
You are NOT losing it with regards to it.
I also come from a parent who abused prescribed medication.
I have always been VERY careful with things like opioids. I always take less, if at all.
When the Fibro pain became more than I could bare, I did a few things that helped me for a long time, until I aged and developed other things like osteo-arthritis, etc.
The first thing I did was diet (it was before I had WLS).
Next, I started to exercise daily which was just walking. I was so out of shape, my hubby had to drag me by the end of the walk. Soon, I could not only do it myself, but I also started working out on a treadmill and with weights.
I also did something I was trying to avoid, take meds. I took 10mg of Amitriptolyne (spelling?). It was a VERY low dose. It helped me to get into the deep sleep.
Aquatic PT, chiropratics and theraputic massage rounded off my treatment.
Within a month, my horrific pain reduced to a small inconvenience, once in a while.
Hope this helps!

Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

Parnitious amenua is not good. But maybe it was ok and my mom had other things wrong. I stay away from naturalist as they blame you via your mind all the time. I would like to see them with all your issues. I feel so sorry for you. Have you been to Mayo?

Yes. By all means try marijuana. The relief can be phenomonal. Use a combination of edibles before bed, topical creams for muscle pain and smoking it for intense pain during the day. Expect topicals and smoking to give about 2 hours relief and then need to be redone. Edibles take 1-2 hours to kick in and should work for 3-6 hours
Once you have been using it for 6 months or so you will get more acclimated and become more functional when medicated without significant loss of pain relief. Different strains work best for different people, experiment until you find what works best. Good luck!!

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