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I have gone through so much with the xy roux, I became very sick. The doctors could not find what was wrong with me. I constantly was sick could not even keep water down. I went through three years of severe stomach pain. Blood transfusion, pancreatitis, numerous surgery with the tube checking stomach, back pain which I was diagnosed with progressive disc degeneration, I was accused of wanting pain meds. I finally found a Dr that reversed the gastric since my orginal Dr said it could not be done. Three days after the reversal my husband found me holding on to life by a thread. In coma for a month, they found that the large intestine leaked in my organs cause me to slowly die. I am now faded with tendonitis, carparal tunnel, I have bone spurs, doctors here in Texas do not understand. I am in constant pain with no doctor to give pain meds. Also severe issues with teeth loss from falling when I was sick and bone loss. Wish I could find a doctor who understands the pain.

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@kduran23, welcome to Connect. I am sorry to hear about your long journey of frustrating diagnoses and symptoms. Chronic pain is often silent, but debilitating. I deal with chronic pain as well from severe joint damage due to a rare genetic bleeding disorder. While we all deal with pain from multiple diagnoses that may not be similar, the pain unites us in an understanding.

@kduran23, I know you are frustrated with your current physicians, but if you don’t mind sharing, what did they have to say about pain meds with your intestines having leaked in to your organs? It sounds like you have had to juggle lots of different issues recently, have you thought about getting a second opinion on some of your diagnoses?